Well it seems time to say goodbye

When I first came on this forum 3 years ago as a newbie I defo felt a bit exposed asking questions and giving my opinion. But I really appreciated that it was the sort of forum where people give honest answers. Not always the ones I wanted to hear. But that is how you learn. Over time I tried to answer questions knowing sometimes my answers would be a bit obvious or downright useless.

Now it seems there is a bit of a backlash against some of us as someone called it “peppery” members.

So here are the three rules you should always follow when having to deal with bad guests or indeed prickly people on this forum:

  1. let it go
  2. let it go
  3. let it go


Thank you for articulating my own feelings so articulately. But please have a re-think about leaving; so many of us will really miss your wondrously pithy input. If all of us who feel similarly, left, there would be precious little left to engage with positively.


Thanks Joan, still here for little while. I honestly believe that the rules of any forum are set by the owners and it is their right to set the parameters. I’ve been on forums since the early 80s (anyone else remember Alt. and flame wars?).

But I have heard privately from some of my favourite members who are leaving. A real pity. I might try and set up a new forum. One where we can just be our ole peppery selves. The funny thing is I interact with people all over the world here and that is pretty amazing. Summer there and Winter here. The real reason the internet is great (even pre WWW for peeps like me). Good luck.:japanese_goblin:


For what it’s worth, I have always appreciated your presence here and I hope that you won’t be leaving. :muscle:


I haven’t “liked” your post, JJS because I don’t like it … don’t you dare go and leave us - after all, just think how bland all our fare would be without a little salt and a LOT of pepper!


you’ve always seemed to be one of the more easy going members! Not peppery, in any way at all.

The backlash is aimed at grumpy impatient members, surely?


I’ve been here a few years too and notice that flare ups are cyclical. I gave it a break myself for a while when the posts were about politics.

@JamJerrupSunset, hope you don’t leave, but if you do, perhaps you’ll be back after a bit when things settle again.


Flounce announcement. Aflouncement


No, please don’t go. I love your down to earth comments. Maybe because I’m also from downunder?


Now then, @JamJerrupSunset, don’t be daft. I’m more ‘peppery’ and I’m staying right here. :slight_smile:


Peppery is a good thing. After the “can’t we just all get along” message on this forum asking us to be kind to one another, I encourage you to give this forum another chance. I’ve been beaten up in the past and dropped out for a while but found the information and commarderie valuable.

Maybe you can check-in every week or so and see if anything interesting is occurring and take it from there.


Now listen, dingbat, you’d better bloody-well stay right where you are, mate!


I’ll come 2020202020

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The point is that many of us have been targeted and falsely accused as “meanies’’ by being frank and direct with sanctimonious posts pandering to ultra sensitives.


Don’t let some butthurt snowflakes chase you off this forum.
This is a host forum, hosts should be able to handle some honest/straight answers, if not, how will they ever overcome a negative review from a guest?


Don’t go. We need the pepper, salt and vinegar sometimes! (:>)


Thanks @cabinhost. I am sure the life of the moderator in chief is not easy. Your recent call to arms for people to be a bit nicer was well done.


nice to see you here - all ways enjoyed your posts!:hugs:


Bummer to see you go. I always appreciated your humor :wink:

Not sure I got it but… what is the reason for leaving?

Given some encouragement he decided to stay.