Welcome Materials - what to include?

Hi everyone,

I’m heading into my second year of hosting and finally feel that I found a structure that works for me. Next step is to create a “Welcome Pack” that I want to send to my guests before their arrival. Do you have some helpful pointers that I should include? So far I have the directions from all forms of transport, local eateries, public transport costs and links to the “Top 10 things to do”, Tripadvisor etc…

Any tips are appreciated!

luggage facilities, sightseeing…:slight_smile:

My advice - and I’ve only hosted since last June, about 50 parties - is -

Keep it very simple, very basic. In my experience, guests still don’t spend much time reading such things. This still will want to ask directly, they still want the personal touch. I still get text messages “what is your address”.

But it’s good to try, and some people will read it.

Here’s my website I created - still in progress as you can see. http://comfycozyairbnbriverdale.weebly.com/

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Hello Julie,

I send a guidebook to my guests right after their reservation, or two weeks before their arrival. Several guests told me it’s great to have all this information and most of them print a copy.

It contains what you listed. I have also included the website of a private shuttle service from the airport with a discount code (I like guests to arrive safe and on time! If you’re in Paris like me it’s SuperShuttle.fr) , the name of the mobile app that gives timetables and routes for the local transit network (ViaNavigo), nearby playgrounds (my destination is kids-oriented), opening times of the main local shops, the nearest hospital, the nearest 24/7 pharmacy, a little background about my neighborhood and non-touristy places I like.

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Do you send it as an attachment if so how?
I find those guests who only have the Air b n b app and not a computer do not receive the entire message. This has caused me problems in the past.

I send our guests emails before they arrive with photos and directions and they always receive them. Use their guest airbnb email. It ends @guest.airbnb.com

Thanks for the information!

I have a beautiful (distressed wood) brochure holder in the front foyer of my airbnb houses. In there I have restaurant brochures, local attractions, and walking trail maps. People love it!! We also have a Welcome Sheet that we have created (along with their short term agreement) outlining the history of the town, garbage days, unique house features, etc…

Hi Julie

Have a look at Touch Stay. It’s my product so I’m biased, but I know a few people on this group use it so you could ask around. We’ll also set everything up for you so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting :slightly_smiling:

Otherwise, here’s a link to a Word doc which has a lot of templated headings and that might be useful if you’re looking for a simple print out:


Hope that helps!



Hi there, check out pearlshare.com they have a great app designed to replace the traditional welcome pack.

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I recommend creating a very extensive welcome book. Half of the fun of going on a trip is the anticipation beforehand, and by providing your guests with a lot of information helps them to look forward to their stay.

The things you mentioned are great to include, make sure to include pictures of all the cool spots in your neighborhood so your guests can visualize the experience.

I’d also include details on the check-in process and information about your listing, such as how to use all the appliances, where to leave the garbage, contact information, public transport passes, how to get a local sim card, where to rent bikes etc.

As for the delivery, I uploaded the document to Dropbox and send my guests a link in the welcome email, which I use a template for. It takes less than 15 seconds this way, you can watch this video to see how I do it.


Hi there Andy.
I have a question about your tool:
I’m curious how it is possible to use it as a lead gen tool as stated on your site.
My confusion is not with how to use it (marketing is my big boy job of 20+years). Rather, Airbnb blocks (basically everything) before a booking is confirmed. How then can I send the inquirer to an outside app in my conversation with them? - Thanks a bunch. I’m pretty stoked on the tool you’ve created. A great idea for the entrenched host! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Hey Stryfist,

First up, sorry for the delay in replying… I’d make a terrible host!

The lead gen aspect is great for those who are outside of closed comms systems. That is, those listing sites that still allow an offsite discussion with guests prior to booking. It also applies to those who have their own websites and field guest questions.

In Airbnb’s set up, you’re right, it’s not possible. It’s a pity… us guests would love that kind of extra dimension pre-booking, and hosts that invested time in building it would create a pretty strong point of differentiation! But closed comms are positive in so many more ways so I get it!

Thanks for the nice words about Touch Stay, appreciate it!


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nice app,
do you have an affiliate program? I will be happy to promote it in my blog! Interested?

Sure feel free to message me!