Weirdest ever request?

I just got my weirdest ever enquiry. The profile was a guy (lets call him XXX), photo of a semi-naked fella in a straw hat.

The first part of the message was pretty normal and read as thus …

" Hello

My name is X and i look for an apartment to book for my employer XXX

Is it an apartment to be alone or shared with you or others?

Thanks "

I was keen to put them off ( on the photo alone) so I replied -

" Hi X,

Yes, it is my house and I live there too. So not a private apartment.
Best "

Then came the bombshell reply :

" For me is perfect, if it is for you
I explain
We are a factory that produces tools for construction and XXX is my technical salesman in North Europe.
He uses to go to Sweden 3 or 4 times per year but the apartment that he used to rent has closed.
Now he looks for a new one to be able to stay when he goes there (we understand that sometimes can be rented to others).
But i have to explain you also that in his privacy, XXX is submissive and obeys his partner and also me and one of the conditions is that he must be always dressed as a woman when is in the apartment, like he must do when is here at his house.
Also, i prefere that he shares the apartment with the owner, knowing that he feels so ashamed being in woman clothes; but the only rule is that can’t be any man there.
He is submissive, polite and respectful and you would never have any problem with him. He is travelling for several years and never had any trouble."


Can anyone else top that in the strangeness stakes??


Yeah good for a laugh. Now report them to Airbnb. The last thing I need in my life is this kind of BS.


This is a lifestyle… not uncommon actually. No doubt totally harmless, but not mainstream for sure. If you are comfortable with this, a submissive would be a very cooperative guest. If you are not comfortable, this message has given you permission to say no. It is actually quite nicely written.


I know it sounds harmless enough and actually had a couple of good reviews (I just said we wouldn’t be a good fit as I host other guests too).


Imagining how one would explain this to other guests… and then of course, your other guests would need to be all female. can o’ worms.


Well I certainly can’t top that. Even though this is an accepted lifestyle choice, I’m not sure this is something you need to front up to people with, even second hand, and expect them to accept having a stranger cross dressing in their home. AndI really don’t like the focus of you being as the owner and no men in the place. Yuk.

A scam probably, and I would report to Airbnb.


I agree it reads like a setup for what I’m not sure but I’d report it and it appears to be a third party booking.


And also, why would you have your employee at your ‘tool’ company know such details about your private life ? Dodgey AF!


I think it’s a couple of kids hacking an account.

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I actually think that there’s no 3rd party and that it’s the actual guy in the picture making the request who is simply trying to hide behind the guise of a female employee.

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Sorry but this is not ok, I could care less what someone does in their own home (or even walking down the street), wear what you want. But it is a MASSIVE RED FLAG to insist a host cannot have any man in their own home, with a 3rd party booking (breach of Air TOS) attempt, and that someone so ‘ashamed’ insists on sharing with a host when there are 1000s of private apartments and hotels.



Hahah, I know!! Why do they prefer he share an apartment with the owner, to make him more ashamed? WTF! Is it like actively inviting others to participate or something?


well, alright then, I’ll take me dresses somewhere else!


Ask him to book on Crossdresserrbnb instead!


Ahaha, it surely exists somewhere in the depths of the darkest web.

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I received the exact same enquiry today!



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Ugh, it sounds like the internet version of a prank phone call.


No way! What was the name on the profile, Magwitch??

Tomas. Both enquiries (the initial one and the follow-up after I replied) were exact copies of what you received, word for word. Oh, and another message with just a smiley face. Did you report it?