Weird sexual goings ons

Hi all,
I’m a new host and just had a weird and a bit scary experience in Vienna, Austria. Our guest (from Asia) arrived with two minors - a boy and a girl, both around 15 or 16. The woman was in her forties. The youths were both really shy and did not seem to be her children. When she left, the place was in a bit of a state, lots of alcohol bottles and loads and loads of used tissues (and a used condom), in the bins.

We are afraid, that this guest was a pimp and using my lovely apartment for “business” purposes. We have to proof of course, but are wondering how to approach this subject in future. Obviously, she will get a bad rating - we never want to see her again and feel sickened by what she might have been up to.
So question for the community: how do we deal with adults traveling with minors - do we ask them if they are the parents or guardians? How can we protect ourselves from people like this?
Anyone ever had a similar experience?
Cheers and thanks

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Did this guest have any reviews? Did she book for three and what was her message to you as to the reason for her trip? Did she say what her relationship was to the minors?
This is why I don’t use IB and like to have a little dialog with the guest before accepting their reservation.

I’m sorry you have had such a nasty experience. However, from my own perspective, if this happened to me I would be concerned about the protection of the children, not myself. Rather than being weird sexual goings on, this is pure child sexual exploitation and abuse. Personally, I would have quickly reported my suspicions to the police, together with Airbnb.


I don’t think she had any proof until after they left and she found the “evidence”. However, it’s not provable who engaged in the sex and drinking as she did not witness it. I agree though that she should photograph the room in the condition they left it and certainly inform Airbnb.

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Thanks, I will consider switching off the IB and from now on finding out a bit more about our guests!


Thanks, we will definitely do that and I have already reported our guest. Ofcourse, I am concerned about the minors in the first instance (sorry if this didn’t appear so in my original mail)! But, without proof, it is hard to know what to do…


You should notify the police.


But what is the crime that I should report? Drinking alcohol is not a crime, neither is booking an apartment with two minors… Nor is using tissues or a condom…

What we are now thinking is, that we will ask adults who are traveling with minors to prove parenthood or guardianship. Or is this over the top and too intusive?

No, you have every right to know the relationship between guests and minor children.


Thanks, I will gladly follow your advice!

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I would alert the police, telling them what you’ve told us here and providing them with the name and ID of the guest.
Perhaps this feels a bit over the top, but it is our responsibility to protect children, when ever we can.
The police can investigate the woman, particularly to determine if there have been other such stories about her, and flag her for the future.
She will not know it was you who reported your concerns, nor perhaps even be aware the police are looking into the matter.


Child sexual exploitation and abuse is a crime, but surprisingly (perhaps), the Austrian age of consent would seem to be 14 yrs. Even in Thailand, the law is harsher age wise, but probably not enforced. However, I utterly agree with Astralita12 that it is our responsibility to protect vulnerable children whenever we can. It’s def not OTT to go to the Police with your concerns but it will be interesting to hear what happens. Please let us know??


I am so sorry this happened. What sort of checks did you carry out with the guest before accepting the booking?

I have to say if a guest turned up with two minors who didn’t appear to be her children the first thing I would have done is check their relationship and if I wasn’t comfortable with the answer, I would have contacted your local authorities ie social service/the police.

Why would a woman in her forties on her own, have condoms and alcohol when having children staying with her.

My view is that my priority would have been protecting the children first.

In your situation I would be reporting this not just to Airbnb but also phoning a local charity that works with children vulnerable to abuse/your local social services/the police and letting them know what has happened.

Protect yourself by only taking guests with verified ID, not using Instant Book as a new host, asking guests for details of all those coming on the trip, their relationship with each other, plans for their stay and why they chose your place.

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Going forward, and this is purely based on advice I’ve read here, I would suggest you have a (fully disclosed) security camera on the outside of your property, so you have a record of who enters your property.

Include in your house rules, only registered guests may enter (if guests argue, explain it’s for insurance purposes).

Then if johns appear, you have proof (for the police as well as airbnb) that the guest broke your house rules and probably the law.


if you are in an apartment building, maybe you can obtain security footage from the elevator or main entrance cameras. Also, DNA evidence from the condoms or tissues (ugh) could be crucial to police.

Suspicion of child sex trafficking. You just need to share what info you have and why you think it might be an issue. The airlines have programs to spot children who appear to be travelling with non relatives. It’s not expected that you will provide anything more than a tip.

Child trafficking

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Don’t collect evidence, you may contaminate it or make it inadmissible, let the police do their job.

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I would only do it if there were concerns.

You seem like a smart and very astute woman with excellent instincts.
Your intuition is likely correct.
Please notify the police. Child slavery and exploitation is real.
Children’s lives get saved by the One person who senses “something wrong”.
I hope you are that person to step forward in case these particular children are praying for someone to help.