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Weird booking today and oddly aggressive guest


We almost never have problems with our 3-room guest suite. Had a booking today that was, fortunately, cancelled. I hate drama and this one had Drama written all over it. He was a grown man booking under his mother’s (!!) account. I just don’t get why he kept arguing with me . I was starting to feel a little bullied. I have replaced names and places with [hidden] or “xxx” to protect privacy. Just so weird.

Here’s the dialogue:

[guest] hi, my name is xxx. I am Patricia’s son. I am the one who you will see all of the reviews of for traveling as my mother is not able to travel any longer. I am 52 years old, a non-smoker and very respectful and tidy of other people’s homes. I too am a vacation rental home owner and know what it takes to be respectful of other people’s homes.
I will be traveling in this area on September 15th with my girlfriend and your little place looks perfect for us. We will be leaving sometime the following morning back to her area in Redondo Beach.
We would very much like to book your cozy and beautiful looking place, it has such great reviews.
If there’s anything you would like us to know or have any questions for us please go ahead, otherwise I would like to book as soon as possible. Thank you so much.
Today at 1:18 AM


[me] Hi xxx.
We do welcome you but cannot accept third-party bookings as it is against Airbnb’s Terms of Service. Please create your own account, cancel this booking, then book under your own name. Thanks.
Today at 7:58 AM

[guest] Good morning, I hope it is a good one for you!
Actually It’s not a third party. If you look, I am a co-host not only with my mother on this this profile, I also run [hidden] if you would like to look at our listings- because she is not computer literate. If you wouldn’t mind you can look at All the Reviews which there should be many and they are ALL of me and you will see my name on there. I also co-host for [hidden] 4 bedroom property in the [hidden] area with Laura.
Let me know if you want to look this over right away as I am a very respected member of the Airbnb Community with about 75 reviews on our home that I manage and have serviced for 3 years. Let me know as soon as possible so I can find another listing if I have to as I have never had this happen before. Thanks again. Have a good rest of your morning.
Today at 8:22 AM•Sent from a mobile device

[guest] Okay on second look I see that you may have booked me in and then read this and then sent me that message? I do not think you have instant book?
I personally certainly do Screen every single last one of the people who stay at my home here in [hidden]. I also do that with the [hidden] listing.
Please read what I wrote above and if you are ok with me and my girlfriend staying, Thank you. if not I will cancel and find another place to stay. Thank you for your time.
Today at 8:26 AM

[me] We do have IB and apparently you made the reservation at 1:20am, 2 minutes after your inquiry timed at 1:18am. We are ok with you and your guest staying but we do need the booking in your name. As a co-host, you would be required to have your own account. Whatever you decide is your choice. Thank you.
Today at 8:41 AM

[guest] Actually I’m not sure and this sounds way too complicated for you I guess unless you just don’t want me there. I have been a co-host and I am registered with Airbnb. You can check my credentials with Airbnb customer service if you like if my reviews don’t speak volumes on their own. It’s no problem.
Just let me know right now and I will cancel this request and look elsewhere.
I understand your concern as myself being a proactive co-host on two accounts.
Let me know ASAP I will cancel thanks.
Today at 8:50 AM

[me] We do require that you book under your own name, as per Airbnb’s TOS.
Today at 11:35 AM

No problem. I completely understand your decision and respect it fully. I will cancel right now and if you change your mind before I get a chance to book another place, go ahead and reach out to me. Have a great week and stay cool in this weird humidity weather we’re having.!
Today at 11:49 AM



That is an odd one. The only way a co-host can book under another persons account is if they have the login/password for that other account. I have a co-host - but I can’t book stays on the other account. So this guy is “using” his mothers account - as he says she is computer illiterate - so likely he created her account and his account, and use both to host - and obviously use both to book places for himself too.

My guess is that his mothers account had an airbnb credit, where he didn’t have one, or it was already used up.

Anyway - I think what you did would be correct - you don’t accept third party bookings. If he had really wanted the place, he would have cancelled & booked under his own profile, or called airbnb and had them switch it if it was an accident (which it doesn’t sound like it was an accident).


I think you are well rid of that one. Co-host?, more like codependent, if his mother can’t travel anymore then why not set up his own account. Sounds like he’s very attached to his reviews. Also didn’t seem to respect check out time? Made me feel nauseous reading his messages. Urrg.


Weird. He has his own account, as you said, as a co-host. Why couldn’t he just book under his account? Trying to rip off his mother’s credit card info and use it to book? Sounds like you spent way too much time on this PIA guest. Sorry to hear!


I agree.
Trying to rip off his mother’s credit OR perhaps having an affair and doens’t want a paper or internet trail.


Your traveler may have been trying to apply a superhost coupon but didn’t tell you that. If the account is in his mother’s name and he manages it…then he would be trying to use the coupon. the coupon is attached to the account and not the person.


You dodged a bullet. Consider yourself lucky to have unwind from this. You were clear as a bell, and guest had an inability to listen.
You said exactly what you needed to say, meant it, and repeated it until he understood that he needed to book under your rules and requirements, no matter how he spinned it.
Good riddance.
His problems and / or zigging and zagging / or identity or honesty issues should not become your problem nor concern.


I have become more and more intolerant of complicated requests and might even be rejecting them too quickly. You are more patient than I with all that dialog with the guy booking under his Mother’s name. I think I would have dropped that one at the very beginning.

I feel like when I have overlooked my initial gut feeling that something is odd, and accept somebody, I wind up with a quirky guest.

Here’s the main problem I have had lately:
In the initial booking inquiry when the visitor has an option to say a little something about why they are coming, there is a very brief, terse statement that makes me want to not accept the booking.

Here are a few that I received in the last month… they said these words and nothing more:

“Coming on the 22nd, will arrive by 4pm.”

“Looking forward to coming Saturday. Is early check-in OK?”

and my favorite:
“Looking forward to a KiKi Vacation time in Boston area.”
(what does that even mean?)

I rejected all three of these, just because they seem somewhat rude, and entitled.

Anyway, I think visitors would do themselves a favor by being cordial with their initial words to the host.
And very important: Read all the information in the listing. Sometimes it is very obvious right from the start that the traveler has not bothered to read about my place… but wants to rent it!

Anybody know what a “KiKi Vacation” is?


I really enjoyed this one, I haven’t the slightest what a KiKi Vacation would be, in the Boston area, but whatever it is, I hope they don’t bring it to Maine!


He doesn’t sound weird to me. I thought maybe because he keeps booking under his mothers id all “his” reviews show up under her name so he has none of his own and that is why he keeps doing it. Does he have any reviews?


Kik is a kink version of Tindr (or so I have been told). Perhaps it is someone who likes doing sexy time things with clam chowder.



    July 11

Kik is a kink version of Tindr (or so I have been told). Perhaps it is someone who likes doing sexy time things with clam chowder.


Clam Chowder… that must be it!

Anyway, it would be good for potential visitors to string a few sentences together – in a polite way – about why they want to stay in my apartment.

I am just having some bad luck lately with a string of cryptic, one-line introductions. Some are just presumptuous, telling me only their arrival time. Others just don’t make sense, or are trying to be cute.
A regular straight-forward paragraph always works better.


OMG. For real? I really need to update myself on such matters. Lord.


I lived in Boston 25 years ago. Those poor lobsters.


@JamJerrupSunset you make it sound as though you were doing the damage? To the clams and sad lobsters? Kik


Puts David Cameron and The Pig in the shade… Can’t clams clam up though?

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