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Weekend pricing tool, be very careful

The weekend pricing tool sets a dollar amount for All weekend nights to ONE price. (I thought it just changed the prices I was looking at and I’m usually more careful) It only works if your prices do not vary at all with the seasons. If you have high, medium and low seasons DO NOT USE IT! It sets all weekends to the same price which obviously will be to high or to low. Then, when you uncheck weekend pricing, all your weekends revert to your base price, which will again, be too high or too low. So you have to go through your entire calendar and fix everything. WTH? It should be a percentage increase, like the weekly and monthly discount (percentage decrease) tool. Now that is mindbogglingly stupid!


I really like the idea of a percentage increase/decrease option for weekend. And sadly, there is still no way to fix seasonal price increase/decrease (thinking about a fix :thinking:).

I came over about a year ago from HomeAway/VRBO. They use a sort of crappy spreadsheet tool. Similar problems.They seem to copy each others worst ideas.

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I thought it was pretty obvious it was setting a set price.

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