Weekday booking- worth it

I just received an inquiry about a regular booking for Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from a business traveler who travels here every week. I offered her a 10% discount but after doing so I began to wonder if by always being unavailable Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, would it affect my higher price weekends or would I be better off staying available for people wanting to book for a whole week or more? We are just coming off a very lucrative two month booking and immediately scored a full week so it got me worried. We are in San Antonio, TX which is a very popular summer travel spot and it is a free standing one bedroom with full kitchen near downtown. Thoughts?

Completely depends on your market. I would kill for weekday bookers. During my peak season I require 4 night minimum stays over weekends because everyone wants to hog all the Friday and Saturday night stays for 2 nights. If I find that people still aren’t booking then I will set the minimum night stay lower. So you really have to study and experience your own market to learn what you can command or if you are losing out.


I’d take a regular booking for mid week even with a discount. Won’t block weekends. You can set an end date for April, May. I loved my visit to San Antonio, many years ago. Congrats

For me, the question would be whether I would want to have a turnover every single Thursday vs. possibly less frequently. I’m wondering why you gave a discount during your high season.

You just answer your own question. You just did a lucrative two-month booking which you couldn’t have done, nor the full week.

How long have you been hosting? Analyze your past bookings.