hi all,

I just got a call from a company called They are a third party website company… they say they manage websites for your home(s) plus all the back end stuff.

His schpiel sounded good. Rates sounded good.

But I don’t see much of anything on line about them. And there are some red flags:

  • the name: websites owner. At best, it’s grammatically incorrect.
  • only three followers on twitter (really? since 2004?)
  • misspellings and some incorrect grammar on their website
  • no reviews other than on their site (no Yelp, Google, BBB etc.)

But also, on the other side of things, there are no bad reviews anywhere including on the scammer sites.

I know how I gut feel about it and it’s not good. You know, if it seems too good to be true…

But I thought it best to talk to the rest of the VR world and see if anyone has had any experience with them.

any and all help is appreciated!


It’s an Indian web development company, how good they are I have no idea, but after a quick look and a few clicks on their Portfolio page, it looks a bit dodgy to me. My gut says avoid.

My advice, steer clear and get someone who is a bit more upfront about where they are located (they made an error when hiding their real contact details on ICANN).



i don’t think it is a scam. some of their websites have the look and feel of… they have the google maps of their location, and they list offices in uk and france.
truth is there are many good programmers in India and they work very hard. The cost of living there is not that high as here. I’m not sure what similar companies charge here to make a comparison.
But they probably use some sort of forms to create stuff for people or let them choose from specific patterns, I don;t know. I would actually ask what software they use in order to create a website.
I’d also ask for references and call them if you consider giving them your business. But also, there is which is easy to use to create web sites.

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Don’t give them your email address. You’ll get spam for every Indian website developer for the rest of your life.

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I got 3 new domain names in March and Indian web companies are constantly spamming me.

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Yes misspellings on a professional website are huge red flags. I would pass on it.

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