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Website not working very well today?

Hmm, I’ve been trying to change my calendar for the last two hours, but the page won’t load. I’ve tried looking at other airbnb listings and the calendars aren’t loading there either. Anyone else? I’m in NC. It’s frustrating because I’m trying to unblock dates for a returning guest that I blocked for him until he was ready to book. Erg.

It’s working for me, I’m in NYC
Have you rebooted your computer? Tried the app?

What browser are you using?

Been messing up on the app since last night for me. UK

I use firefox. Just checked and still won’t load that page. I changed the dates via the app but the guest doesn’t see it. :confused:

Okay, I tried via google and no problem. Tx!

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I had the same this week with the pricing.
One half of my listings I could not open the pricing menu, on the other half it openend.

Tried 2 systems and 3 browsers, ended up using the app to set the base price.

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