Website glitchy?

Is the Air website being super glitchy for anyone else? Just in the past day, I’ve had a blank message show up, my ‘earnings’ are showing up about $7000 short of reality, and it won’t show me a review from a guest even though I’ve reviewed them (it says I still need to write it, but I have).

I’m getting kind of irritated, and I’m afraid that it will impact my business.


I am having the guest review not showing up after I wrote one problem. The first one is going on 2 weeks and I just had another one. CS started a ‘ticket’ and the twitter help people said a ‘team’ is working on it but they don’t know when it will be solved. So my reviews are live on my guests’ profile but their reviews don’t show on mine. Hmm, Airbnb is not delivering what they promise. If hosts do that they must compensate…

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Yes. Experiencing serious glitches.


In Stats, our earning numbers are significantly lower than actual. The number seems to adjust upwards and closer to actual each day. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? If so, has anyone confirmed that the incorrect stats is not impacting what is actually being paid? Thank you.

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Yes, many problems - phantom messages, delays in reviews showing up and earnings all of a sudden about 20% down.

Yes, I am getting the same problem with the total earnings. It’s not reporting the correct amount.

I contacted them, and they say they are working on it… hopefully they’ll resolve things soon. Hope hopefully it won’t impact my current bookings.

Same problem here in Arizona. Called Airbnb. “Working on it.”