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Forgive me if this has been asked a zillion times but I’m looking for any advice about website builders and management software. I’ve been a vacation rental owner for over 10 years with a home in Kauai. However, I use a property manager since I live so far away and she handles everything. I just get a check, or used to pre-pandemic :crazy_face:. We bought a condo in Southern New Mexico and I want to do this one since it’s close. Who uses Syncbnb, unlisting, etc? Pro/cons? Did you build your own site or use theirs? I just don’t know where to start and don’t want to put in the time only to have to redo it. I don’t mind spending the money if it’s worth it. Not looking for the cheapest way out. Mahalo for the help.

I use Mobirise, its’ free and it’s point and click. If you want widgets for direct booking you’ll need to pay though

If you use the search function and look for ‘website’ on the forum you will see a few threads where this has already been discussed with recommendations @Island

The best way is create your website not on platform, if it’s not big site, it can be html, if you want shop e,t,c, not bad is wordpress

Thanks for the reply. I’d still like to know if anyone uses SyncBnB and their thoughts. Of course, their website has rave reviews but I want to hear from actual users.

Sorry never heard of them

I bloody hope not. Having seen their prices, I suspect they are targeting inexperienced hosts who believe their bullshit.

They want just shy of $900 to provide the functionality that most channel managers provide for either free, or for a minimal charge.

But wait, there’s more… you can sign up for their revenue booster for another $75!

My opinion, for what it’s worth, avoid.


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Thanks, that was part of what I was wondering. I had read somewhere someone who was raving about their calendar syncing with all the other booking sites and whatnot and started to look into them. Was just curious.

ampelosestate dot com was built by Syncbnb’s website builder for $599 one off, super happy so far.

Can you provide a link to your website ?

The forum doesn’t let links, that’s why I wrote it with spaces

New and infrequent members have limited privileges so I took the liberty of posting the link.

With that said, it look like a nicely done website, and even more a stunning property!. Thank you for sharing.

Makes me miss travel, even more!