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We leave guests alone and they want us to check in on them

We had a couple stay in our self contained garden flat for three nights over the weekend. I always like the guests we never see. They left good public feedback but some of the private feedback was funny.

They said:

‘Maybe surprise us with some fresh eggs from the chooks for breakfast’

In my listing I say we provide tea, coffee, milk and muesli. I say nothing about eggs. As it is winter we are only getting one or two a day. When I have left fresh homegrown citrus in the past people never eat it.

She also said:

‘Maybe pop head in halfway through stay?’

I do say let us know if you need anything and we were out most of the weekend. We actually were able to stay at our other listing, a small farm, which was great for us. You can not help some people.

Just another of the funny things about hosting.

She also commented publicly on the lovely fresh salad greens we let her pick from our garden. But no eggs.

yeah, not being mind readers it’s hard to know how much contact, if any, to give. I’ve got a few long termers (2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks) coming up, I tend to just forget about them when they’re there. I always offer (more than once) to contact me if there is anything they need. Some do, most don’t.
Personally I’d like to be left alone as I’m quite capable of contacting someone if needed.

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If this was under “what can be improved” then she was asked by Air to think of something.

Yes, I know but luckily most people don’t bother.

Luckily, only you get to read it.

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