We just got a booking

OK, I know for many of you getting a booking is no big deal, but here en España it is.

It’s two nights in August, nowhere near our “old normal” August rates, but feck me it shows that we just might retrieve a wee bit of our season.

It’s just after midnight here, but I still did the happy dance round the patio :smile:



Visualising your happy dance and wondering if it was similar to mine last week,- completely Full with 4 properties next week and close to normal rates! :grin:


(That’s a fun 20 for ya!)


Hmmmm. Mine was Oloroso fuelled after having a friend round earlier this evening, on the roof also, to the sounds of Gerry Cinnamon, an indie Glasgow musician.

So, for your enjoyment :


Hmmm, would he be a descendent of the storied Clan MacCinnamon? Famous for carrying breakfast buns into battle, as I recall.






Brilliant news.

I had a rare enquiry yesterday from TA for a two night stay from today. Obviously didn’t read the listing that shows we are a) a B&B b) closed.

Interestingly (or not, as the case may be), it was from Germany. Who, in their right mind, would want to come to the UK from Germany right now?

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Great news…
Wish you all the best.

That was fun to watch and had my toe tapping and my head nodding. The accent reminded me of a netflix show “The English Games”, which I liked cus I like Soccer!!

Thanks folks.

prime minister announced today that we’ll have free movement within the country again from 22nd June and that we’ll be opening up to visitors from outside Spain at the beginning of July.

This is all dependent on the infection and death rates staying within certain parameters.

OH and I are about to head out and have a wander round the tourist area, catch up with anyone else doing similar maybe. For the first time for a long time, the “work” phone is fully charged and in my pocket :slight_smile:

I have an answer to that question, however it is both politically incorrect and in bad taste. I won’t post it here :wink:

Job done then :dancer: :man_dancing:


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This is great news and hopefully things will improve soon for all of us. I have a booking for October that happened before Covid, this is actually a repeat guest who comes every year for the Frankfurt book fair, and she books way in advance. I am still hopping to get a few bookings this summer.

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Fantastic news, you’ve given me hope. Also in Spain!! Good luck and may you have many more

Well, the deal now is that foreign tourists will be allowed in from 1st July, with no quarantine. Some areas may even see them before then, but it’s likely to be the islands.

Here’s an article from El Pais today:


Very very interesting…

We also got a two night booking for August today, which was nice. We’ve had nothing since a check-in Feb 3! I have gotten 3 spam, 1 dubious Open Homes request, 2 Irish who misunderstood the restrictions of Phase 2 and would have been travelling more than 20 km, (more like 2 hours), had 5 cancellations and I’ve cancelled one. My Payoneer card is dead as a doornail.

Cool show - we watched this a few weeks back.

I also just had my first 2020 booking! With nothing booked in the future. Several inquiries from people that don’t bother to read about the space. Like they have kids, want a kitchen want to bring a dog. Why don’t people read the listing?? I hate declining.


In the UK we are going to have to self-quarantine for two weeks if we travel abroad, so this will limit any travel abroad for most.

Awesome news and it gives me hope that all is not lost on my property.

I think now it’s necessary to stay at home quarantine.