Water alarm - audible or inaudible for guests?

I have a question that I don’t think has been asked.

Why do you need the alarm?

I’ve had more than one clawfoot tub with a shower curtain on a ring rod. As long as the curtain is long enough to reach well down into the tub, is comfortably wide enough for the whole ring rod, and is well weighted with magnets, there shouldn’t be any leakage.

Also, I’m curious about what you would expect a guest to do if water does leak. With the tubs I’ve had, it was practically impossible to reach under to the far side of the tub and would generally have required getting down on the floor to use a mop with a towel wrapped around it. Would you expect guests to do that?

I know about the mop-and-towel thing only from mopping the floor under and all around my tubs. I never had an issue with water leaking or splashing.

And yes, any alarm sounding under the tub would really freak me out. For someone of my age, being startled while showering in a claw foot tub would be dangerous. No safety rails to grab onto.

As I said, these guests did not leave the curtain as you mentioned, but pulled it up and put it outside the tub

Earlier here, I posted a photo of how my tub is underneath, and where the alarm is placed is very easy to reach. Additionally, I have absorbent towels under the tub where it is near the back wall.

I live next to the house, and the house bathroom in question is a shared bath with another room, so I would have the guest put the shower curtain back and I would come and mop the 100 year old wood flor…

@dpfromva I agree, as long as the signs are current.

We’ve stayed in a couple listing where the signs hadn’t been changed and some items weren’t there any more, and in a couple cases, the listed Wifi and Logon information was totally wrong!