Washington DC proposed NO short term rentals Legislation

Earlier this week, a coalition of anti-short-term rental groups have committed to funneling $500,000 dollars to push for the passage of Councilmember McDuffie’s short-term rental bill. Councilmember McDuffie’s short-term rental bill would impose burdensome restrictions to severely limit your ability to short-term rent your property.

A group of homeowners have come together and created the DC Short-term Rental Alliance (DCSTRA) to push back against the anti-short-term rental group’s efforts. We need you to get involved by joining the DC Short-term Rental Alliance and by writing your City Councilmember to make your voice heard!

Visit our Take Action Page to tell your City Councilmember to vote NO on the anti-short-term rental bill.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in preserving our vibrant travel accommodation options.

So the bill you are objecting to only aims to outlaw whole rental STRs, rather than in a host’s own home. Isn’t this because whole listings on Airbnb have been the ones most likely to upset neighbours because the host is not there to manage it?
I find it hard to believe a law would be introduced to outlaw all holiday cabins etc for rent?

Washington DC is a large city with a severe shortage of reasonably priced housing, as are New York and San Francisco, which have the same problem. Hardly the same as a rural area with vacation cabins.

I am a responsible owner who rents a full house 3 blocks away from my house.
There is a very high demand for freestanding homes. And I ensure that no groups are out of control, and I am a good neighbor and I contribute to and participate in my neighborhood. Because I own in 2 places, I know most everyone in the neighborhood.
My neighbors are supportive of my rental… they understand my needs and since i live in the neighborhood I am around all the time.
I also contribute to our neighborhood civic association because there is some poverty in my area.
Ny 5 br house still would not contribute to town Affordable Housing if I were forced to sell it. It is also my primary source of income…I started renting STR before Airbnb existed.
Full houses should not be thrown to the wolves. They exist because families want to rent them and enjoy family time.

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No, not the same as vacation cabins. Perhaps that’s the legislator’s point - those whole units are needed as long term homes. Moreover the increased shortage of LTRs, plus upping of returns because of Airbnb puts the rents up even more. Therefore isn’t there a good reason for such legislation?

You are definitely a responsible host, but the headlines suggest many hosts aren’t. Isn’t the housing shortage about all family homes, not just affordable ones? I can imagine similar legislation coming in my own city in the next few years to be honest. I will have to be LTR ready at the time.

The housing shortage is about Affordable homes…
Not 5 br homes, or prime waterfront houses.
It is about investors snapping up the most affordable properties in town and converting them into VR.
As the new regulations are rolled out, I am working hard to ensure that my properties are granted a non-conforming use, or grandfathered in so the new legislation does not shut me down. I remind them that I was renting before the ABB boom, and before it came to our town… I was one of the first 3 properties in My town to rent, and then to sign onto ABB when it came along.
There is precedent in my State for grandfathering in property rights when they are removed; it is somewhat Un-American to remove a property right ( my houses are currently considered to be allowed and legal ).
I hope I dont become a legal precedent, but I intend to do everything possible to stay legal. If it removes some of my competition, so be it. Years ago I had very little and life sure was easier before the race to the bottom.
ABB has neither been kind nor good to me.