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Warning if you kick a guest out, he may cry to the media


This guy thinks it’s reasonable to ask the host to install new lights? I love this article’s warning against unreasonable hosts but keeps a straight face when the guest makes ridiculous demands.


This article says he was refunded, given $200 and the host had the remaining days permanently blocked on her calendar. Sounds about right!


That poor host, bet she couldn’t wait to get him out of there.


I may be reading into this but this guy has all the red flags of a squatter. He actually used the word homeless in his complaint. And why did he go to the press? Pretty strange. Another good reason not to use Airbnb for long stays. Just imho


Whiney, privileged snot probably has a friend in the industry because guests getting kicked out mid stay because the host is uncomfortable happens all the time and it recommended here on the forum regularly.

Are we now going to have to put in our listings “what you see is what you get. Other than seasonally appropriate linens, nothing in the room will differ from what is pictured. Please don’t request new furnishings or fixtures. Don’t undertake major repairs or remodeling.”


Here he is:

Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf.


Ok so it was a set up so he could get some publicity it seems. No normal person who have asked for such strange things.


Uh oh, looks like house rule #178 coming up for me! :wink:


I just watched the news clip. He claims he’s been using Airbnb 5 years yet doesn’t know their policies (of course, most hosts don’t either). I can see in the screen shot of his reply to the host or Airbnb that he threatens a lawsuit and refuses to leave, which is why the LAPD show up. Interestingly people have repeatedly said that the police won’t help you evict someone. That clearly depends on the situation/location? The NBC investigative team doesn’t seem interested in telling the public what a jerk little Logan is; not a word about what caused the host to become uncomfortable with him.

And it’s a publicity stunt or just a way to get free money and it worked. He looks like a professional scammer to me.

I’m sure Logan won’t be staying in my humble little boring town or Airbnb but he isn’t welcome here.


This looks prime for being a new entry in urban dictionary.

Host1 - Hey how’s it going with your new guest?

Host2 - Oh jeez, he’s a complete Kugler


It had to be bad to kick out and cancel a $4000 booking and then call cops. Why wasn’t the host given the chance to speak?

Just goes to show you how easy it is to slant stories.


They said the host didn’t want to speak. I wish she had been more interested in defending her position but she’s obviously not an attention whore like little Mr. Entitlement.


I haven’t read the story yet (I’m on my way to do so) but remember that hosts may cry to the media first!


I’m getting the impression he wrote his own article and distributed it to various media himself. When you google his name all the articles that come up about this are the same. A few (like the one I posted) are paraphrased but you can still tell it’s basically the same.

So this guy is a narcissist


And a few fell for it. We criticize the media for doing so but it’s not like they have budgets for doing real investigations.


Lol that website of his is hilarious. He is a high school dropout narcissist. All his “accomplishments”" are basically “be richer than God.” And not even his own money. I am pretty sure he wrote that article himself and then distributed it.


Yikes. He described himself as “A pretty particular person” which is why he picked that listing. Yet he proceeded to ask the host to change the lights, fridge configuration, and who knows what else. Sounds like the type of person that is never pleased. And who can’t pack up their things in 48 hours? Did he bring his own furniture?! I hope she mentioned ALL of this in the review.


Vaguely amusing but not sure many people take the media seriously any longer so not much of an issue.


May this douche never travel to Hawaii. :rofl:


She was fully within her rights to refuse his request. But he had traveled to that city and picked this place carefully. It makes it difficult to find another similar place for the time allotted. Not to mention that it wastes vacation time. I don’t see anything he did that was threatening to her or her place. She could have brought the police in to evict him after the 30 days was up.

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