Wanting to be a co host in exchange for a room, New York

I am 25 years old, single, actor and looking to co host for anyone in queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn or other areas. In exchange looking for a rent free room. I am interested in checking in/out guests and attending to guests needs. If anyone requires a co host or could refer anyone that might need one, please do contact me at email- tejaskrish@yahoo.com

I suppose you are already signed up on the Airbnb website as a co-host for NYC. Right?

The best way to proceed would be to create a page on your website or blog (with an easy URL) which acts as a resume. Explain to your potential clients what experience and or qualifications you have in the hospitality area.

Take screenshots of reviews on Airbnb where you have been mentioned and add them. (Definitely screenshots because they show that they are real and that you haven’t just written them). Show too the star ratings of the properties you have managed in the past.

Add the full range of the services that you offer to hosts. For example, do you arrange the housekeeping or do it yourself? Would you answer guest inquiries on the site? What are your strengths when it comes to the house tour? Show your proven sales abilities. Are you available 24/7? Tell your potential clients that you have good contacts with plumbers, electricians and handymen who can respond to emergency issues immediately. You have to convince the host that you can handle any situation and any emergency.

I did not even know you could sign up yourself as a available co host on air bnb, I thought the main host signs up or adds a co host.

This link explains what co-hosts are advised to do.