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Want to rent our home for 12 weeks,


OK, I am definitely going to be looking into that company you mentioned, that website. I really appreciate everybody’s ideas on this topic and we will sit down and work out our plan soon. Man, it’s hard to go on a long trip when you have pets, but we knew that when we adopted them. Thanks again, all.

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I know exactly what you mean. Our old lad (he’s 14 or 15, no one knows exactly) is diabetic so I have to give him shots twice a day. I can’t imagine finding anyone to do that. That’s why I like Airbnbs that accept pets :cat:

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I’ve watched a diabetic Yorkie who got shots and my own black lab mix got shots once a month for allergies. The problem isn’t shots, it’s cat. LOL. I can see needing a surefire method for securing the cat in a room (say bathroom) before attempting the procedure because you don’t want the cat to run off and hide.

You’re always welcome here!


One day … :slight_smile:

I give him the shots when he’s eating. Like a typical male, when there’s food on the table he’s got a one track mind and thinks only of his stomach :cat:

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