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Waking Guests up on Check-Out Day

Curious as to what different hosts would think -

My guests, who should be checking out in 30 minutes, have not come up for breakfast which they requested at 10.

I’m thinking of going down to knock on the doors of the bedrooms to let them know it’s almost check-out time. They have stuff to clean up in the kitchen in addition to getting themselves ready and out by 11.

What would you do?

I don’t have a booking tonight, but I do get same-day bookings, so of course I’d like to get a look at the rooms. Plus, hey, it’s just time to go!!

Funny thing is we told them we’d be leaving for church at 9:45, so they may be under the impression that they can loiter a bit. We haven’t had a lot of check-outs on Sundays, but we’ve decided with this group we aren’t comfortable just leaving the house, so I stayed while the family went. Most of our guests we’ve connected with and it wouldn’t be a problem. These guests just arrived yesterday and they stayed out until about 4 a.m.

Maybe you could mow the lawn or accidentally set off the security alarm? Or just make a LOT of noise preparing that breakfast?


Ugh. I’d probably try texting them to their cell phone first. Then if I didn’t get a response I’d go down with the cleaning bucket and fresh linens and start knocking on doors, just like the hotel maid does.


An excellent idea! Except I wouldn’t pussyfoot around. I start to pester guests about their departure time on the evening before checkout. If I don’t hear anything by morning, I message them again. (All on the platform). If I hear nothing by ten-to-checkout I march up there and knock on the door.

However, my softer side would let them sleep in if they were out until the early hours and no-one else is coming into the place. But again, I’d leave a message on the Airbnb site saying so :slight_smile:

For some reason that image made me laugh out loud. I like how they scream “HOUSEKEEPING!!!” through the door!

They are up and the guy is running the bags to the car. I mentioned that breakfast is ready and he said “Oh, OK, I just want to make sure we’re out of our rooms on time first”.


Good. I’m glad they resolved their own situation.


Yes - and they took out the trash, put all the towels and bathrobes into the laundry basket, and left it all as neat as a pin.

You just can never tell! Guests may stay out until 4 am and have bottles of Jack Daniels and various beer on the kitchen table in the morning, and still be decent people.



I let them know about an hour before that I am headed that way and to get ready. Guests usually know I don’t screw around.

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Ah, the times that I’ve missed Church this Summer because of guests … actually, they’re also a good excuse for when I just don’t feel like going (it’s ok, not a Catholic so I don’t have to say 3 Hail Mary’s for that.)!

I’m glad your guests did the right thing even if they left it to the last minute - it makes the rest of the day go so much better!


I’ve only had one set of guests check out on a Sunday and I’ve messaged them the night before saying that since we’ll be at church, they can stay until noon :slight_smile: Thank goodness we’re separate units! I’m worried about the day though when I have an early Sunday check-in!

Well, for sure, I have to learn to say “on Sundays breakfast is served between 6 and 9 - what time would you like to eat?”

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