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Waiting, waiting, waiting for people to review


Holy cow! That’s kind of ridiculous. I mean, I get the point of it, because then they can verify that listings are accurate, but how many people are actually going to fill that out?

Yeah… as much as being judged over the Internet bothers me, I don’t think I could handle being judged in person. :frowning:


Yes, you do have to be quite tough! I quite like my unkempt hippy look this summer but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Whatever. I’m still nice and welcoming and, to paraphrase that Churchill saying…

“Well madam, I can get a haircut and change of clothes tomorrow. You, however, will remain an arrogant, ignorant person lacking in any qualities that make life worth living. Enjoy your stay.”


I’m sorry. I meant to write - what date did you first booking conclude? One should not post late at night.

I already explained why. And yes, people differ, but based on my experience, I think mostly guests prefer to be met by someone on arrival. I certainly would. They probably care much less about meeting at departure.


That does look a little excessive, but from the screenshot, it also looks like much of it is ignorable.

However, more seriously, does the “Describe your trip”, really translate directly into overall stars? Because if so, that’s appalling, even for Airbnb.


Just under 2 weeks ago. And I just got a review! Yay! But now I have 2 reviews that have given me a 4 on location. Do people seriously not look at the map when they book? I even say in the listing exactly how far of a drive it is to the nearest city. I am within 3 miles of ANY kind of food or shopping one could desire, which seems pretty convenient to me. But maybe people are looking for walkable stuff only? Who knows.


Ok. Well, in that case,if you’ve written them a 5 star review, then write and tell them and ask them for a review in turn. But only if you think that guest will give you a good review, of course. It’s frequently exasperating that guests who profess themselves very happy will not leave reviews. It’s happened to me quite a number of times.


hey, i love all the colors. it looks like a mini apartment. very cute. and a roll in shower. should i ever find myself cruising I-10 with my fur baby…


Please let me know if you are ever this way, I’d love to have you.


groovy, and far out! i really do love your accommodation. it’s more than a furnished room. I’d love to hang out with you and your dogs. i adore those 4 legged critters.
i tell my host who does the decorating that my home needs to look comfy with lits of fun colors. she is a perfectionist and I’m not. i bought nice camping chairs that rock and asked her to put on the deck. there’s a table with a few chairs and a few plants. she said things would be too crowded w xtra chairs. i said just fold them up. sigh


This is definitely the place for you then. I don’t usually have 10 like in the picture but there are always some dogs. I have 2, I’m taking care of one for a former student for 2 more years and there’s usually a guest dog or two. Here’s some of my younger regulars: Sadie the Boston Terrier, Sydney the Aussie and Indy the Weimie.


Wow, @K9KarmaCasa,

Super-cute dogs. And they look like they are fun to be around, too.


Hi faheem, from the latest post on that Community thread it would appear not. Someone posted screenshots that show the standard star rating for overall experience still applies. And yes, you’re right, some of the tedious stuff can just be skipped by guests. Hosts on that place do like a bit of outrage, though!


A bit further down on page 2 of the comments someone have a link to a complete walkthrough of the screens:


And the first ‘Star’ rating has to be the ‘Overall’


Yes, that’s what I meant. Everyone was going crazy thinking that the question “How did your stay at X compare to your expectations” translated into the rating for overall experience. It doesn’t.

It’s still highly annoying that Airbnb does not think it necessary to inform hosts of the changes they make. It’s disrespectful. That’s the best I can say, otherwise it will turn into a rant…


We have also been a little disappointed with the amount of reviews we have been getting. We do live in the property so always have contact with our guests, even if it’s not always when they check in or out. Again this is because of our work. We make every effort to go the extra mile for each of our guests but yet our review rate is somewhere around 45% at the moment. Other than there being something wrong with the accomodation we let, which of course will go through every hosts minds, most guests have gone out of the way to tell us how much they like our place. A couple of possible correlations I have made however have been the following. It is in the main British guests that fail to review, and out of those, it tends to be those who are a little older. So maybe it’s a partly cultural thing. All I can say is that the reviews we have had, we couldn’t hope to get better.


I’ve seen a lot of hosts post here that they never review or that they don’t review unless the guest does. They basically have the idea of “why should I do anything for anyone but myself?” If the guest has that same attitude then that means no one is going to get reviewed.

I do think people on long vacations don’t get around to reviewing until the 14 days is over.


Just wanted to post an update. Besides the lukewarm review from the guy who turned off my security camera and a 4-star from a lady who left me a huge paragraph of super helpful “suggestions” (like how she didn’t like the wording I used in my listing) :roll_eyes:, all my reviews have been 5 stars. I guess I just needed to be more patient! :grin:


Sometimes I host people who have 5-6 nice reviews by hosts and who never (NEVER) bothered to write a review for any of them. I find that to be a rather shitty behaviour, and I do not review these people unless I have something to warn my fellow hosts about.

I also think that guests with no reviews should care enough to put in a small effort and write a review if they want a review in return, as they need this review more than I need theirs. I usually write them a review anyways. But I first and foremost see reviews as “messages” to potential and future hosts and this is my main motivation to write them. I mostly do not write them for the sake of my guests, unless they were exceptional.

I’m aware that this might be an unpopular opinion. :smiley:


I agree with you that they should and it’s selfish and unfair that they don’t.

I also believe I can’t control other people. I try do what I think is right without expectation of something in exchange.


And now you can complain about your reviews along with the rest of us. :laughing::joy::rofl:

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