VRBO is very active

I didn’t have much of bookings from VRBO at all last year. The last month, it suddenly being very active. How about you guys? anybody experience the same activities on VRBO?

@Ping_Keck -
What region are you in?
I am not getting anything from VRBO right now. But our region is heading into the low season - the high season for the Caribbean is the winter, and we are booked completely though mid-May, so I do not expect a lot of inquiries right now.

I’m in Las Vegas. We don’t seem to have so far ahead booking. Most bookings made for about couple of weeks before the stay. I guess because of Las Vegas is a convenient destination for vacations. Don’t need to plan ahead.
Las year for 6 months I got so many fake bs inquires and only got 3 bookings from VRBO, just this February, I got total 9 bookings through February and March from VRBO. Not many BS inquires at all. Just wonder what I did right to get so many bookings from VRBO. I’m currently on pay per booking program, not annual description.

@Ping_Keck -
That’s good question. They may have boosted your listing placement due to “Best Match” - VRBO will make more commission off you with a PPB than someone on subscription. And if you have some good reviews now and you did not have any reviews before - that always helps a lot. Even though I am an owner, I always check for reviews on properties, particularly verified reviews, before I book, as that is an easy way to be sure the listing is legitimate.
I don’t know your rates, but you might want to switch to the subscription plan once those bookings turn into reviews - you might save money.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. They make more commission off me with PPB than subscription so they boost my listings. I thought about to switch to the subscription but I am afraid after I signed up, it will go silent again. So what’s the point of that. Let them make more money off me, meanwhile I get more bookings. Seems like a win, win situation.- A new strategy with VRBO? :slight_smile: What do you think?
I am pretty new to this, just started last year July on VRBO. I had one booking in September and very good review, then another one in October with very good review. Got tons of BS inquires. Don’t really like VRBO website, I even send them email that suggest who ever design and manager the website should try to use it. Very not use friendly. Like airbnb much better, but VRBO can be a good addition. Especially this year, suddenly so active.

I get the majority of my guests from homeaway/vrbo and have for the last year or so. I’m in the Catskill Mountains.

Are you on subscription or PPB?

Subscription to both HomeAway and VRBO.

I thought Homeaway and VRBO share guests, only need subscript to one website. I listed on VRBO but sometimes I have guest inquiries from Homeaway. How does it really work? I am new to these and very much don’t like VRBO website.

Yes, you only need to subscribe to one website. Some people have listed on both Homeaway and VRBO - it usually gets their listing showing twice. I get the majority of my guests from VRBO (probably 70%), so that is where my “home” listing is located.

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I should review what their subscriptions offer me, but I was under the impression that in areas where there weren’t tons of listings - like mine - you would see stuff cross-posted, but if you paid for both you were placed higher. My subscription dates back to the days when you paid for your level of exposure.

I agree that the site is clunky, but I really doesn’t matter one way or another - a LOT of people seem to use it and I can only assume that in my market there is some kind of backlash against Airbnb. OR there may be a misperception among guests that they can only get shared accommodations on Air. Two or three years ago I saw only older follks on HA/VRBO, but that is no longer the case.

There are regular and extensive discussions on this forum about HA/VRBO, so be sure to search for other threads.

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