Vodyssey course

You’re so dramatic.

So please know I was not being critical of your approach.

I get it. But it was for me.

Some chess masters play a dozen or more of chess games simultaneously. And blindfolded.

The rest of us write down every move and keep staring at the board.

Remember the graphs?

But anyway the larger point (if I can still remember) is that the process that Vodyssey uses to evaluate the market requires a lot of number crunching. Wheelhouse and Price Labs uses lots of data and number crunching too.

Sort of Deep Blue to your Kasparov.

And not all Hosts are Kasparovs.

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Is whoa dramatic? :cowboy_hat_face: I really didn’t mean to be.

Ok. It just made me feel like I had misrepresented something and I didn’t want to do that.

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Dramatic in a good, fun, quirky way.

I thought you were kind of joking, that I ‘got it.’

You were in a serious mood when you read my posts and responded.

Which is fine.

OMG. So serious.

But endearing.

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I remember hearing Robert Kiyosaki ( rich dad/ poor dad) say he is amazed at how many professionals, doctors and lawyers rush into real estate without taking any courses. They spent thousands of hours in a class room learning about medicine or law and then they are surprised they lose money in real estate, although they did not take a single real estate course.
Of course it is all relative to the cost of education. I don’t recommend anyone take on a student loan of 500,000 to be a dentist. And I think $9800 is too much for a real estate course. AT a quarter of the price I would jump at that course.


I knew someone that worked for Vodyssey as a Sales Rep. Their price for this course (Last I checked) was $10,000. I’m telling you now, you don’t need it. EVERYTHING you need is on their podcast or his social media pages. And, I’ve heard many awful things from my friends (The sales rep).

Shawn and his team claim that they will help you through anything and everything. They are your “Guide” throughout the process. Believe me when I say, they ARE NOT YOUR GUIDE. They will take your money and the team is told to NOT answer your questions and have you do all the research yourself. They hold sales rep calls every week, and Shawn just talks shit about the members the whole time. Especially the members who reach out for assistance. He absolutely hates the Vodyssey people and wants nothing more than to be left alone.

This is just one of many things I’ve heard my friend and his wife talk about. I’m begging you to not invest in his coursework.

The worst part, is my buddy (who used to be employed by Vodyssey as a sales rep) said that there are THOUSANDS of additional fees associated with the coursework. So it’s not just $10,000. There’s more!

Okay, have we had enough of this? Close? What do you think?


One like is enough for me. :slight_smile:

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