Vistors of guests in the house

Recently it seems that several of my airbnb guests, not just one, have had numerous people visiting them in the house. While it seems that mostly they are not spending the night (that I can tell), it tends to make the house quite crowded and uses up resources that are intended for paying guests only such as the bathrooms, kitchen, etc. How do you guys set your policies regarding your guests’ visitors?

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What does it say in your house rules about having additional visitors? @jimnjess

I say in my HR that they need to let me know in advance and i will be happy to consider (home-share).

Some hosts charge. Some say no additional guests regardless of whether day or night.

If you host remotely CCTV is essential to monitor this and help you enforce your rules.

My house rules state that visitors have to be pre-approved (name, ages legal address) and a selfie has to be sent 2 days prior to check in.

They have to leave by 10 pm,

And a) the booking guests must be in the STR and that there can be no ore than 3 guests (including the booked guests.). I have a small space.

I also state that they may be required to show govt photo id when they arrive and that no children under 12 may enter the STR.

I have written these rules specifically to discourage guests. I live below. I don’t want a party but if they do have family and friends in the neighborhood I’m ok with visits.

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If renting a room or a cheap entire apartment i understand no guest allowed.

But if entire apartment/house with premium price I would allow guests. Extra wear and tear (toilet paper ect) is covered in the high price for sure. People who book premium price are not expected to be monitored like teenagers. No parties though, thats understandable.


@ZeroZ the issue is you wouldn’t be covered by Airbnb Guarantee or likely your home insurance for STR for damage caused by visitors that aren’t part of your booking.

It doesn’t matter what the cost of the listing is.


It’s an insurance issue, like @Helsi says.

I host a suite attached to my home and house rules say only registered guests on the property.

I don’t mind if someone pops by, but I’ll register them as part of the group if they expect to be around a lot. Like one group was heading out for a day of wine touring and hired a babysitter to watch their kids for the day, so we registered the babysitter. That way we’re all covered. :blush:

Am I really concerned that the babysitter is going to fall down the stairs? Not so much; I’m more concerned that the friend who day drinks in the yard will take a tumble. The chances are small, but the repercussions could be massive and they’re all on me.

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Im a host and a guest. When I am traveling using Airbnb and my guest breaks something I will take responsible for it of course.

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You’re talking about two different things here.

Guest/guest invitee are the terms Air uses for registered guests. As the booking person, you’ve already taken financial responsibility for your invited guests and they’re covered under STR insurance and Airbnb’s policies.

Visitors of guests aren’t registered to stay. It’s your local friend that stops by to see your place or hang out with you by the pool. This person is not covered under Air’s policies and most STR insurance.

I’m not worried about your visitor breaking a vase, I’m worried about them having some kind of accident that involves hospital bills and insurance claims. If they, or their insurer, come after me as a culpable party and Airbnb and my insurer say “not our problem”, I don’t want to be on the hook for $60,000 in medical bills. Are you volunteering to pay those?

You may @ZeroZ,

However experienced hosts here will tell you that there is often difficult to get guests who actually booked through airbnb to pay up, let alone try and get a guest on Airbnb who allowed third party guests, to pay for any damage they may make.

Ive been host since 2015 and have in two occation been in damage. Both paid and said im sorry.

I have a strict limit of 6 guests and only registered guests are allowed on the property unless approved in advance. I often have local wedding guests from out of town and I don’t want other guests hanging out at my house, for liability reasons and wear and tear on the house.

Our town also has very limited parking - no street parking, except for 3 blocks in the middle of town. I have 8 dedicated spaces on my property, 3 for the Airbnb and I have another full time tenant.

I use to be more lax, however, I had one guest hold a bridle shower with 17 people. Since they weren’t spending the night she didn’t think there was anything wrong with it and didn’t consider it a party because they weren’t serving alcohol. I also had someone invite friends over to park in my spaces for a festival.

I think it’s better to have hard rules and make exceptions on a case by case basis, in advance.