Visit beforehand to see apt?

Beginner question. Is it ok to allow a potential guest to visit the apt before booking?

Also i asked for id in his profile, and he said he complied but i don’t see it listed. However i see 4 verifications, does air b and b take a while to update his profile?

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Absolutely not and can get you both kicked off Airbnb for exchanging address information before the booking is confirmed. Anyone who asks may be inexperienced as a guest and that’s not good either.

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To me when someone asks, it’s as though they are saying ‘I think you’re a scammer’ or ‘I think your photographs aren’t accurate’ or ‘I want to make sure that what you’ve written about your place is true’.

If they think that I’m being deceptive, then that’s not a good start to the host/guest relationship that I aim to achieve.


That’s an absolute red flag for me. No.

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Just. Say. NO. They could be absolute Air beginners, and need to understand the program; worst case is they’re cruising for a place to rob.

What more ID do you want than 4 verified identifications? You’ll never see a DL number or passport number!


I don’t think that’s correct, actually. There is nothing in the T&Cs that prohibits it, as far as I can tell.

But yes, it’s not a good idea unless the booking is long term and you feel comfortable with it. @Mountainclimber17, I would say no to a pre-viewing and that for security purposes it is not possible but please feel free to ask any questions etc.

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As a new host, I once allowed this…please take my word and the advice from others who have responded…NO.
I can’t even begin to recall the crazy set of events that took place when I allowed someone to check out my place prior to booking.
No, just NO.


But Mags, guests and hosts are not supposed to have any contact before booking and meeting up in person is definitely contact. What’s to stop them from then transacting the booking off the platform?

In addition to it being a possible violation, it’s also just usually a big waste of time!! They are usually just looking loos…

Confess I let someone do this when I was a new host and was really sorry later.

If I was looking at a long term booking as a guest then I would want to check it out, as a host I would not use ABB for long term bookings.

Mags, I checked out that page… and it’s really vague…

It really is, isn’t it? That’s why I said “as far as I can tell”! They make it almost impossible to do it anyway, because they redact any contact information prior to booking.

Wow thank you! This forum is so good. And i consider myself pretty savvy. I really didn’t think. He is supposed to come tomorrow and I will cancel the visit. It is along term booking but it never felt totally comfortable. Very brief profile, and no reviews.