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"Views in the last week: xx" not visible on my listing

I’m a newbie at Airbnb. I noticed that some listings include "“Views in the last week: xx”, which I think is quite useful for me as a host and for potential guests. However, this is not
shown up on my listing. Any suggestions what I should do?

Also, do you know how can I check my ranking?

Many thanks in advance!

I use a third-party website for checking my ranking @smartbnb.io . I find the metrics offered at this website to be extremely useful. As to number of views, I see this by day on my Stats page.

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Thanks smtucker! I’ll give it a try.

@smtucker What have you found most useful about the site? Knowing your search ranking? I thought about signing up but am not sure I’d really use all the features.

I am not using the site as intended, I admit. I really like my morning report which shows me where I rank based on criteria that I have set. It does searches for every configuration of open dates that I currently have and indicates if my ranking has gone down or up, and by how much. Also included are the prices of my “competitors.”

What it can’t do is give me the ranking for my area. By that I mean, my town and the next town really are one area if you are a AirBNB potential guest. AirBNB allows you to check several towns/neighborhoods, but this tool hasn’t quite captured this ability.

I don’t find the messaging module to be intuitive at all. And, I don’t really want to have a generic message sent when someone inquires. After all, they inquired so there must be a question that are asking, or I might have a question for them. Same with the auto-messaging a week before etc. I don’t want a canned email going out asking for their plane number or partners name if they have already given me this information. So I am using this portion of the tool to store saved messages that are far more complex and “smarter” than the AirBNB messaging system can manage. I have lots of configurations of emails that I send often that need to be personalized. My generic “how to find me by taxi”, how to get to me from the airport via public transport, etc are still kept in Air’s message system since they are never personalized.

I should acknowledge that I spent a few days “fixing” the English on the @smartbnb.io website so Pierre was gracious and gave me a free membership. I would probably pay for a membership just for the daily ranking report and the complex message storage.

I don’t find the $120 annual fee to be exorbitant by any means. But my average response time is under 2 minutes. I don’t feel like I need automated responses. I can and do update my listing frequently. Maybe the checkpoint feature would help? I think that’s a bit much for the search rankings if that’s all I’m using.

You aren’t in as large a market as I am, so you might not need to the ranking feature as “urgently.” Of course, I have written a database that can help me personalize my messages, but this is far easier! No more inputing guest information over and over again. There are so many tools out there that we have to pick where we use our funds wisely.

And I thank you again for doing so, this was really kind from your part!

It actually can work for an entire area.

By default, it is configured to search in your city (assuming you are in a big market), but you may actually change it to “XXX County”, or a special neighborhood, or your entire state.

If there is a keyword for your town and the next that your guests would spontaneously use (just thinking something like “Silicon Valley”), you can configure Market to send your reports for that area.

This is a valid comment. It is hard to make something complex really simple, and by no means I believe the current version is the endgame. More support and video tutorials will be coming, but if you have any suggestion, I would love to hear about it.

As for the concern with generic messages, there is always the possibility to change messages before they are sent.

For “Events”, you can use the “passive” mode so that a typical reply to an inquiry is prepared, then you can edit the message, and then click to send and that’s it. Under that mode, at no point in time will Smartbnb send a message on your behalf.

For scheduled messages (“Reservations”), you may also completely edit (or even delete) messages in advance to adapt it to your guests. That is how I use it personally (because I can and I care).

Checkpoint is useful if you have a lot of cancelled reservations because the guest have not verified their ID within the 12 hours window, and especially if you have Instant Book on. I lost a small fortune on those type of reservations, because Airbnb doesn’t communicate to the guest that the reservation was sent.

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