Views fallen off a cliff

Is anyone having issues with the Airbnb site this week? I keep an eye on my views, when I have a spike, i usually get a booking. Last 5 days, nil views. I have done the private search and my houses are all there. So is it just me or the glitchy Airbnb site?


My views have also fallen off sharply, . but I thought that was because I raised my prices?

I don’t know because I hardly ever look at the Airbnb stats - the reason being that they are rarely accurate.

In the past, we’ve had booking on days that have had, according to the ‘stats’, zero views. How would that work? Even if the stats were accurate, they only reflect the number of hits, not the number of real prospects.


I have zero views for the last five days as well. Strange. Maybe they just haven’t updated numbers for those days yet? Zero seems pretty unlikely.

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I also have zero views showing. So it must be a glitch. I’m currently mostly booked for the next month. I just opened up tonight but other than that I wouldn’t be getting any bookings anyway so I can’t draw any conclusions.

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we too have no views recorded for the last five days - must be a glitch - or else the anti-AirBnB Illuminati have taken control…

Mine went from steady 20-25/day on 25th September to 0 every day since. But I had a booking on Friday 28th. Is just failing to update I suspect.

We’ve had the same thing lately.

Same. No views and no bookings after mid October. However, it’s a beginning of end of season here in Southern Europe so it’s normal.

Both my rooms are showing lots of views for the month. Here in Perth, Australia, the season is just kicking in.

@Debthecat Hi Deb, I had the same experience; in the last few days I have had “zero” views which is very unusual for my properties. Interestingly, it didn’t happen to one of my properties but to both of them for the past 5 days or so. I called Airbnb and was given some BS explanation about low season (??). I’d love to hear from other hosts who experienced a sudden drop in views…

I have 4 properties, nil views for a week now and matching nil bookings.
Yet I got an email encouraging me to install their ridiculous price tips for October. Strange that the property is completely booked until the end of January and has been for months. I am now calling BS on the emails! If the algorithms were real it would see that this property is unavailable.
The other email is the - demand is up by 97% for these dates - always 97% never ever another number. Is 97 an attractive number? The dates are blocked because they are sold elsewhere!

@Debthecat, this is very strange; it’s clear that multiple hosts are facing a similar situation during the last 5 days and it can’t be a coincidence. I’m wondering if anyone has been able to get a straight answer from Airbnb about this matter.

@KKC, while you are booked for the next month, aren’t you still open for the next couple of months, and if so, in your experience, does it seem normal to have had no hits for several days in a row?

Same here: 3 listings, zero views for 5 days

@MissMiami I get many last minute bookings and so I can’t determine anything from the current relative quiet.

I’m in the same boat - no views since Sept 25 and only one stay for October that was booked in September from another platform. In past years I have been booked every weekend for the month. The Autumn colours typically bring in lots of tourist. All I’m getting are crickets and they’re damn noisy!

This is also being lamented on the Airbnb community pages. Airbnb of course monitors these pages and it sucks that they don’t acknowlege the problem but it’s what we expect from them.

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Situation continues with zero views according to statistics, we did receive a booking, so not all hope is lost :sweat_smile:.

We’ve been at zero for ten days but we got an inquiry a couple days ago. I guess I just won’t bother to look at our views for a while.

I’m at zero views. I’m mostly booked already until xmas but I have most Saturdays available. Yesterday I opened this Saturday and was booked within a few hours so all is well.

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