Video for guest verification

I require that all my guests are verified as I only offer a self check-in, I have been contacted by a guest who said she had to make a video to complete the process.

I hadn’t heard of this before so I told her it must be something new, the research I have done is that this is only required by guests who don’t have a social profile presence.

Can anyone help me with more information about this?

I have had two guests who needed to complete a video. In both cases, they are not present on social media. The Germans had tons of trouble uploading it, but with my intervention, someone from AirBNB called them and talked them through the process.

I think it has to do with not having other online profiles like facebook. I had a very nice gentleman staying with me and was looking to book another place after he left. He completed the video verification pretty quickly and was able to book the next place.

I had a young German guest have to make a video a couple years ago.

How did you see the video? Its only used for ABB internal verification?