Very slow booking

Hello members, wish everyone doing well and good as for me I am quite worry about my listings its clear that next month onward most of my listing has less than 10% occupancy rates which I have never experience before since I’ve started hosting.

I know its maybe because of the beginning of low season here and but less than 10% is not acceptable.

I do not want to implement by lowering my rate to the point of making lost, is there anything else that I can do, please any input is truly appreciated

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People here have said that fiddling with the listing does help with visibility/rankings, if only a little. I…e add/change pictures, change the text, fiddle with the prices (not necessarily lowering them), stuff like that. Personally I do little or none of that, and regardless it’s hard to tell what effect it is happening.

And more specifically, have you tried swapping out your lead/main pictures occasionally? Try for an unusual/appealing/striking/eyecatching image.

And I just took a look at your listings. You have 11 listings??!! Are they in the same location or different locations? And I just checked out the photos for “Gorgeous House Private Pool | Siem Reap Vacation”. and I’ve got to say they look pretty amazing. Who built this place? And in the case of that particular listing you can’t do better than your lead image of the pool.

We recently had our 4 private room listings blocked for 6 weeks while we converted an old bedroom to a new bathroom. I changed up the listings wording and photos a bit and reopened the calendar once the work was complete. I did an incognito search and found we ranked very high; first and second page. Previously, we were 4 or 5 pages deep in the listings but guests still seemed to find us. So I’m not sure why our ranking suddenly jumped since we did multiple things. I’m guessing it was a combination of no bookings for a while (since we blocked the calendar) and fiddling with the listings. That’s our anecdotal experience.


My experience last summer was just the opposite. I was blocked off about 6 weeks and it was slow when I opened back up. It took about 6 weeks to recover. I was getting my daily market report which showed my rankings. A big difference between you and I is that you have multiple listings, I only have one.

The OP posted nearly a year ago and how is a superhost with over 150 reviews so looks like things have picked up for them :slight_smile: @faheem

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This thread says they posted 2 hours ago. I think they have been doing well but it’s slowed down for the uncoming summer and they are looking for help.

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`Apologies you are right @KKC. Apologies @faheem they posted another similar post in March last year asking for help because their listing was slow and I got mixed up.


Thank you for the input, yes I have tried those tweak such as updating calendar to change the price up and down. For main photo I do the same just not everyday more like every week or 2.

Yes I have 11 listings, 9 is within the private complex (same are) the other 2 is about 4 km away, of course in the same town/city

We develop and built the house, so yeah we built those.

How long is your slow season? If over 3 months you may want to consider a LTR for those months. If there is a market for it. May find an intern, traveling medical prof, people house hunting

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Hi @seyha,

It sounds like you have the bases covered.

Very impressive job. Did you build it specifically for renting? It must have cost the earth.

I thought I had a sense of de ja vu when I read it. :japanese_goblin:

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Yes Sir. That’s why lowering the rate will kill me plus the working hours to accommodate guests as well.

Yes, since we have many homes I am looking for long term rental for some home in order to cover or daily expenses since we do have to provide staffing salary and all.

I have asking airbnb support as well and see if they can help me out. If I’m not wrong doing a test search in our area our listing is not even first page perhaps due to the new hosts within our town is popping up quickly.

You don’t specifically mention this, but with the kind of setup you have it would make sense (imo) to set you your own web site, and also advertise across a broader range of platforms. But maybe you do those already. If you have your own web site, do post the link.

Most of us have a small place, so it’s not clear whether a lot of extra advertising work really makes sense. Though I’ve thought about setting up a web site, but haven’t done so yet.


Hi @seyha - sad to say that if you’re not getting the booking that you expect, then you’ll have to stop relying on the Airbnb website and promote your listing yourself. (Social media is the BEST way!)

It starts a chain reaction because once your listing starts to get more hits and more bookings, then it will feature more in the Airbnb search facility.


Hi @jaquo.

You’re back!!?? How are you? We’ve missed you (if you’ll excuse me speaking for everyone).


And of course Airbnb isn’t the only kid on the block, have a look at other listing companies.

Thank you @faheem!

I was in the hospital for ages late last year but am now back and as good as new (well, almost! I have some very interesting scars :slight_smile: )

It’s SO VERY good to be back!


Echoing faheem! SOOO great to see you back :slight_smile:


Thank you Mags! I’ve got so much catching up to do now. :slight_smile: