Verified requirements?

I require all my guests to have submitted government picture ID to Air BnB.

Today I got a request and he had the Verified label but when I checked what he has submitted it didn’t include government picture ID. When I told hin that he needed to submit government picture ID he claimed that since he was already Verified he was unable to.

This is what Air BnB has for him.
Personal info
Email address
Phone number
Connected accounts

So how can this person be Verified without submitting government picture ID?

“Personal info” can replace Gov ID in some countries (including the US).

Your guest is right: once verified, there is nothing they can do.

I wonder what “Personal info” actually is?

If you are not on instant book - where in your account settings can a host require verified ID?

I have instant book on.

This is where mine is
Go to your Manage Listings page
Click Reservation Requirements in the menu on the left side of your screen
Check the box next to Require guests to go through verification
Click Save Reservation Requirements

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Anyone can choose to have only fully verified guests, as above just go into the reservation requirements on your listing and click on the fully verified box

It is the creepiest thing of the entire Internet.

It basically looks for your name in public records and asks you questions “about yourself that only you would know the answer to”.

Examples are “Do you know anyone below?” with the name of neighbours you should have (on the basis of an address), and some people you shouldn’t know. 4 or 5 questions of the same type.

This is not something done and managed by Airbnb (but I can’t remember their service provider for this tech abomination).

The last time I looked in a phone book - many, many years ago - there were TWELVE pages of people with the same name as me in my city. True - first and last name but some with middle initials. The last time I bought a house, at closing I had to sign a paper declaring that I wasn’t one of those people with the same name who had a ton of debt.

So good luck to them finding me in public records :wink:

They obviously figured it out. There is no profile in the US you can’t certify with 4 or 5 questions.

Actually, this is an example of questions:

Their service provider is Idology:

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Thanks. I just added it to mine. I started a recent thread asking this but it got side tracked. I ended up calling Air and the rep. told me if I don’t have instant booking then all I can do is email them after the booking request. See what I mean?? The Air reps. are not knowledgeable of their own policies.

Airbnb call centre also has Netflix as a client.

To be fair: restricting IB to Verified ID is a new feature adding complexity to something that should be streamlined, so they expected questions in that regard. I think the company is focused on the new things rather than how it was meant to work in the old days.

I don’t think so. Every time there is a new change I hear about on these boards or read for myself…if I call for clarification since they don’t make anything clear - the rep. never knows anyting about it. It’s just another listing site that doesn’t care if their customer service reps. are competent.


There’s a reddit thread with horror stories which I won’t post here but a few Air employees answer about which call centers they use, and there are lots of them. Apparently they have grown so fast that there’s not much consistency of quality, as well all know.

I believe the call centers field the calls and deal with the standard problems and if there is an escalation necessary it might then got to an actual Air supervisor. But maybe that level of CS is also call center.

I have had crappy service lately from supervisors. Those answering the phone are sympathetic but they cannot do much actual stuff without the supervisor involvement if you notice.