Venting- extremely clean... guest didn't think so

Just blowing steam. I’m a extremely clean person. I have one room I rent out in my home. I had a couple in their late 30’s stay for 5 days. Pretty much hung out in there room. I bent over backwards for these two. They made a private remark on my review saying my carpet, linens, towels,shower, and floors were dirty. What the heck! Scratching my head I’m looking at each thing. I have carpet that is very light in the hall it does look like it’s dirty when light is off …when light on it is fine. So I wil get the carpet cleaner and do that area again. Towels are fairly new, must of been some lint on them. Sheets are perfect…the quilt does have a couple of flowers on it that the ink bleed over the lines which makes look like a blotch…newer quilt to. I wash these all after every guest. Stood in the shower and tried to figure it out couldn’t see it but still got my wire screen and scrubbed the crap out of it. My floor in bathroom has rock pattern …couldn’t firgure out that one…maybe the caulking around tub…it’s turning a different color. Will refresh caulking. Scrubbed the crap out if the floor . It just bugged me to death…my friend always tell me you can eat off my floor…I’m already OCD …they must of been more than me. Anyone have same kind of guest.

I had one recently. She said everything is great any time I asked and seemed very friendly. Then left me a very bad cleanliness rating, mentioning the bathroom as ‘can be cleaner’. It’s been exactly as it’s been for all the recent 5*s. I might not be as much OCD as you, but with some guests, the mind boggles!

And there’s your answer. The sex was crap so they need someone to blame.


Ha :grin:

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I know …I kept asking if everything was fine. It was. They also threw out my reusable coffee filter…and dug through my cabinets looking a bandaid and never asked. I never said a peep. Guess it’s good to get the blood boiling once in awhile.

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some people rate cleanliness on ‘moderness’ so if your homes old style they will say its unclean.


This is so true. I had one guest say “the house could be updated”. It’s a Queen Anne style house, over a 100 years old! Go figure.
Another guest, after being so nice and friendly left a nice review but left one word for me “dust”. Thi;s after I know I double checked the room (twice). It does upset me, although I know it shouldn’t.

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That’s a drop down choice if they leave less than five stars for cleanliness. I have been dinged on dust because dust fell during their stay. There is NO DUST when they check in! NONE!!!

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I agree with that to but I find older homes unique and beautiful not dirty. My home is brick ranch style hard wood floors and carpet…30 yrs old. You don’t see many brick homes in the northwest so it’s a bit unique. I have seen some nicer motels not even as clean as what we put out for our Airbnb guest. Oh well one dirty complaint can’t kick me down.

I had someone tell me that my light switches were dusty! What the heck, there is barely a place for the dust to go. I wiped it and magic erasered that thing and not one thing came off. Some people will never be happy!

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Your light switches were DUSTY?? These people have too much time on their hands.

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Guest pulling out tv unit/ stand with 50 inch tv on top to complain about dust behind it… seriously- they didn’t have at life!


This is SO funny. I actually wipe down the light switches after every single guest, along with the door knobs. People have sticky hands, is all I can imagine!


I travel
Now in east Africa and and stayed at Airbnbs where level of cleanliness doesn’t come close to my standards. Some properties were clean but not super clean , not anyway how I clean my rooms. I never gave anyone low rate. It’s their home and it was not disgusting how it was in one of my stays in San Francisco so I let it go as hosts were super nice .

I had couple from China recently and they gave me 1* on cleanliness . I was not even angry but in total shock.

Out of 102 reviews this is the second 1*. The first was from
Couple who saw termites on a window 2.5 years ago.

Chinese said that bathroom was not clean , and mattress was old and with spots. That just made me laugh : the mattress is old but it’s dark blue and there are no visible spots on it. But even more funny it was covered with thick mattress cover that is not very easy to remove unless you lift the mattress . On top of that was sheet. So what these people were doing lifting my mattress and removing mattress cover??

This is exactly was my respond to them
In public review. Their review also followed 5 recent reviews that describes my house as “superclean”, “spotless”, and “upscale”.
Again I remembered the guy I used to work for who said often: “people are stupid” after each incident like this.

omg hahaha actually laughed out loud at your comment

Yeah, I’ve had the DUST thing too … makes me want to write back and ask "where exactly did you see this bloody speck of dust?! (instead, I just scream about it to the husband …)

However, I’m now beginning to wonder … maybe it’s a language thing? I happen to know that in Urdu the word for “friend” is “dost” … maybe other languages have similar words and we’re just being told how friendly we are!

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Needs to be updated when you are staying in a historic home equals hotel industry