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VAT! have anybody solution?



Hi am dealing with problem with VAT tax which are paid from service fee.
As I have around 300 bookings per month I have also 300 service fee invoices have somebody find solution how to count VAT from whole month without opening each and counting it manually ???


If you are handling 300 bookings a month, you need a finance person to keep on top of things.

Can’t you just print out the monthly print out of bookings for your finance person and they can use this to do the calculation.


its not that simple cause if I want to have it like primary income I need to do everything on my own…
and also if I have finance person I still need to print every invoice one by one … so its not simple solutions :smiley: I need somehow extract from every invoice date and service fee value on invoice …


No you don’t…but let’s agree to disagree on that one. If you are generating 300 bookings a month and at least 85K a year in turnover, I am sure you can engage an accountant.

As I have said you can go into your listing and print out income by MONTH or by YEAR. You don’t need to print every invoice.

I am sure there are Airbnb management systems on the market that can help you with this. Have you had a look?


Going to details my turnover is around 40K and from that 25K is just payment to owners of properties
so my earning per month is 25K-costs/12 so I cant handle accountant (Welcome to Slovakia) :smiley:
By printing month/year you mean exporting CSV file in “Transaction history”? cause if yes its not useful for me cause I need to pay VAT in month when reservation was made not in month when guests have arrived and this info is missing in this file …


Apologies I assumed (wrongly) when you said VAT you mean in the UK.

If the CSV files don’t work then as I said there may be an Airbnb management software that would help.

And if you can put up your costs - managing 300 bookings for 12k - just wow :slight_smile: :frowning:


Y I have learned a lot from the moment when I start with this …
and also that the Slovakia is worst country for small business …
but Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:

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