VacationHosting Officially Launches In Beta. Check Your Email

To All Hosts on The Forum Who Requested An Invite:

VacationHosting at has officially launched in beta and we have started sending invitation codes to all hosts on this forum that have requested an invite through our new platform.

We are now officially in Beta and you’re invited to explore a wide range and variety of hosting possibilities and flexibility that our platform has to offer to hosts and to begin uploading your available rooms or properties for rental to travelers visiting your city from other cities or other countries across the world.

If you’re one of the hosts that requested an invite through the platform, please check your registered email’s Inbox or Spam Box for your invitation code.

Furthermore, new hosts who have not previously requested an invite and are interested in exploring the platform can do so, by going to

Any questions about the platform are welcome here on the forum.

Thank you.

Well, can you give us the quick summary? Why are you better than Air or the others?

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shared spaces? vacation homes? yurts? tiny houses? urban? rural?

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Agreed. @Johnny Can you explain more about the platform and what you are bringing to a very crowded marketplace already with, still, only two main players?


Thank you Kona for your question. VacationHosting is different from Airbnb in a number of ways and I will return here to this thread severally to answer your question in detail, so please be patient with me and keep checking for my responses right here on this thread.

  1. Hosts have flexibility. As a host, you have the option to pass the host fee to your guests (under Vacation Rentals), if you decide that you don’t want to pay the host fee.

  2. There are several hosting options on VacationHosting that Airbnb does not have currently. For example, Home Exchange and Cultural Exchange. These two features allow hosts to put their properties up for Home Swapping with other hosts, whenever they want to travel and they don’t want to pay to rent a place at their destinations.

  3. Our dashboard is more intuitive for hosts with a lot of accounting and detailed reporting than Airbnb.

  4. Busy hosts can find and book Cleaners and Concierges right there on the platform

  5. Hosts have the option to become VacationHosting Ambassadors and VacationHosting Ambassador ExtraOrdinary with perks.

  6. Hosts who have parking spaces can rent out their spaces for Events.

  7. Hosts can optionally rent out their rooms/spaces for business rentals such as Meetings, Conferences during the business hours, etc.

  8. Hosts have the option to rent out their spaces on hourly basis during the day to people coming to town for business and just need a place to freshen up or crash for a few hours.

  9. We have a feature called Property Request, which is different from regular property listing, that enables Guests/Travelers to requests specific type of properties or spaces and Hosts who have such properties or spaces can respond to such requests with their prices.

  10. We have a feature called Food Hosting (aka Eat With Me), that optionally allows hosts who are good cooks or Chefs to list their meals with Cuisines and photos of the meals on the site and they can define how many guests can book the meals; with prices of the meals and time and Guests can pre-book and pay for such meals from their countries or cities before they leave or when they arrive and can dine with hosts at their homes.

  11. We have another feature called Experiences that interested hosts can do alongside their room/property hosting. Airbnb has this feature too, but ours is more robust than Airbnb’s and hosts with Vacation Equipment such as Snow and Ski equipment, etc; Bikes and Campsites can rent out such to Guests and Guests will pre-pay.

  12. Hosts can shop for hosting supplies and Travelers can shop for travel supplies under a feature called Shops/Packages and Store Owners who can be hosts themselves can sell and ship the items directly to the buyers through their indicated shipping addresses or for pickup, if sellers enable pickup.

Furthermore, hosts can create Vacation Packages under Vacation Packages feature, with different offers as a bundle for the Guests/Travelers to book and pre-pay for.

  1. Unlike Airbnb, hosts can define their Spaces/Properties and guests can search Spaces/Properties by Property Types and Trip/Use Types. That way, hosts who don’t like their spaces or properties to be used for Parties or Films can mark them off from such categories to prevent such bookings by guests.

Other details coming soon …


Interesting… yes. Please post details! I would imagine you’d have to have features that were quite different from everyone else.

@CatskillsGrrl: Yes, I will explain more about the platform and what we are bring that make us different from other hosting platforms. I will be back. Thanks.

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@smtucker: Yes. Shared Spaces, Vacation Homes, Yurts, Tiny Houses, Urban and Rural and more. The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. Thank you for your question.

And thank you for responding. I don’t have any open dates until the end of October, so will watch your release carefully.

good idea but needs to be price synch with my channel manager.

@sylvainbg: What Channel Manager are you using?

HostAway they are called.

@sylvainbg: Yes, it should work with HostAway. I just went to their site.

They only offer an ical connection.
The problem is we have dynamic pricing from pricelabs so we are very very often getting updates on price.

Johnny, these sound like really cool ideas. You’ve been thinking outside of the box… good to distinguish your site from a number of the others that are just ad sites basically and take a big chunk of change for bringing you the guest.


Thank you for your kind words. More differences are coming.

@sylvainbg: We don’t have dynamic pricing feature at the moment, but it’s coming soon.

I think Sylvain’s point was that in order to compete with larger sites, your users need to be able to synchronize their calendar availability, rates, content and communication through a channel manager such as Hostaway. That way they don’t need to go through the job of manually uploading descriptions, rates, pictures and calendars. Feel free to reach out.

Next week Innclusive is launching and Hostaway allows current Airbnb hosts to set up the entire account and the listings and keep them synchronized with just a few clicks.

@Hostaways: What’s your contact?

You can contact the CEO at