Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist for Boat

One of my friends out here short-term rents his boat and shared with me his cleaning checklist. I thought it was kinda clever renting out a boat - does anyone else do it? Anyway, couple of unusual items on his checklist:

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist for Boat

  1. Make the bed with new sheets

  2. Check the comforter for stains or reasons to wash. Get a blanket from the truck if the comforter needs to be washed

  3. Charge the battery if low

  4. Wipe down surfaces like table with antiseptic wipes

  5. Check and clean the cooler for food or spills

  6. Take out the trash put new trash bag in can

  7. Leave four bottles of water

  8. Leave soap and shampoo out for next guest

  9. Check bathroom keys are not missing

  10. Vacuum the floors, carpet, and cushions

  11. Check the lines connecting the boat to the dock

  12. Report anything missing or broken


Yuck, just wash the comforter every time.

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I agree he should wash the comforter every time.

If you have a fridge or cooler of any kind you should always check for leftover food, and spills. We had a .big discussion not long ago about what to keep and what to pitch of guest foodstuffs left behind.

We always leave two bottles of water in the fridge.

#3 and #11 are critical tasks for boaters, although #11 can be bypassed if he has a solar panel and a charge controller to trickle charge the batteries whenever the sun is out.

When I’m not at my lady-partner’s house managing our rental, I live-aboard a 26ft Columbia sailboat at the city marina in downtown Fort Myers. I’ve got enough solar panel to have all my boat lights running 24 hrs a day, year round (I do live in The Sunshine State). Proper line handling keeps your boat safe from tidal surges, tropical storm winds, and irritating passersby traveling much too fast and throwing huge wakes (where’s my twin .50 cal machine gun when I need it!). A frayed or broken line can cost you tens of thousands of dollars…


Yes, we list our 40’ boat and have been for 2 years. Lots of ppl doing it now. We are on shore power so charging batteries is not a problem. I use duvets, never really sure what a comforter is. Interior - I wipe down all surfaces in saloon, cabins, galley and heads, cleaner fridge and cooker, check cleanliness of pots/pans, dishes, cutlery. Check supplies of tea/coffee etc, top up shampoo & other toiletries. Clean shower, drain, toilet and wash basin. Sweep & mop floor. Make up required numbers of beds. Lay out towels. Stock up starter pack. Leave out marina keycards. Exterior - top up water tank. Wash down whole boat including Bimini and spray hood. Check for shoe marks and marks on teak, clean off when necessary. Check lights bulbs inside and out. Check remote control batteries working. There’s probably more, but I don’t have my checklist in front of me!

It’s not meant to be in order, is it? If so making up the bed should be way down the list, after the cleaning tasks.