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Vacation rental alliances

In the hospitality industry, many small hotels are members of international alliances which allow them to keep their own brand, while taking advantage of a worldwide marketing network.
These alliances exist in many different niches, such as luxury and hostels. There are also certification programs which market properties fulfiling certain criteria, such as eco-friendly.
I was wondering if anyone had heard of such an alliance for independent VR hosts.

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No, but I am intrigued.

Well, they’re not international but in France we have www.clevacances.com and www.gites-de-france.com which are alliances who inspect, certify (1 to 5 stars, plus more labels like eco-friendly) and market homestays and vacation rentals from independent owners.

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www.avroa.org is slowly gaining traction.

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Thanks @Barthelemy and @KIKC
Are you members of these associations?

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