Using other services like AirBnB

I’m doing decent with Air BnB but thought it wouldn’t hurt to be listed at a few other services.

Setup an account at both WimdU and FlipKey today. One of the things that I noticed right away is I can’t find anything on how guests are verified. Mostly I was looking for the option like Air BnB has where guests are required to submit government picture ID.

Anyone have any experiences with WimdU or FlipKey?

Lots of posts about these two services.


i hate Flipkey. Get very few enquiries. I heard the reviews on tripadvisor are bogus as anyone can put them up regardless of whether they stay, eat there. Be wary of accepting or even responding to some enquiries as they can come in two ways. One as an enquiry, or as a booking request. Its not very clear and if you reply to a booking request, you are actually accepting, and then its a mess trying to fix/undo it all. Very difficult to get hold of Flipkey too. They operate out of the US, so if you not local its impossible. My percentage of bookings is about 2% to other booking sites.

I get many booking with

I tried the others almost nothing

I would like to start posting at Booking but I’m not sure how safe it is meaning that you are in charge of handling all the payment. The other thing I was skeptical was the cancellations. Meaning that the guests pay nothing at booking time is more easier for him to break the commitment and avoid showing up at your place. Did you experience many cancellations from booking? How do you handle the payment?

Client needs to put credit cards information when they book and I am using checking stripe to check it.

For payment either they pay cash or I am using stripe paynow app on the phone if clients prefer to pay with credit card

Since I have credit card information plus CVC compulsory I don’t have no show problems

In some countries can take care of the payment free of charge and transfer it like air bnb do, not yet in Sweden.