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Using other booking platforms

We started using Airbnb and we seem to get plenty of bookings, we also use Booking.com who provide some as well.

We use Tripadvisor and Homeaway - not only have we not had ANY bookings from the TA and HA the amount of views is really really small compared to ABB and Booking.com.

Rang Tripadvisory about this and the call was an utter waste of time. Is it because my listing is not appropriate for these platforms or is there something else?

Listing views in the last 30 day

ABB 600
Booking.com 320
Tripadvisor 14
Homeaway 30

anyone else have a suggestion as to what is going on?

What kind of listing do you have? When you do an incognito search for yourself where are you in the results for your area?

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TripAdvisor killed themselves by being the first to raise service fees to outrageous amounts. We never got much from them even though we are a classic vacation rental (whole 3-bedroom house with pool in prime fly-to vacation spot), and haven’t had even an inquiry since September

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mine is a simple three room stand alone suite bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Just thought Tripadvisor was catering to a different market. So what’s another platform worth considering??

What country are you in?

UK Poppy - Derbyshire

I would do a google search for holiday lettings in your area and see where they are advertising @Flettie

You can also normally pay to advertise your place on your local tourist board site.

it really depends on the type of place you have. If you have a boat, glamping, a cabin, there are specialist sites.

Thanks for the advice Helsi :slight_smile:

Our listing has very similar views, even though being in London. Majority are on ABB, then similar to yours on Booking.com, similar to yours on Homeaway and sort of like 5/6 on Tripadvisor.

I guess its something to do with the UK market.

I am a bit stumped that being in London we get similar views as yours, maybe they should be more, or that could be down to the fact that we have a lot more competition in the area we are in.

I had a recent enquiry from Trip. It sent me into a panic because I’d forgotten all about them…

I’ve had two fulfilled bookings in two years from TA, one horrendous guests and the other a bonkers couple who created havoc late at night.

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I had one enquiry from Tripadvisor too…bonkers was sort of the term to describe it

Girl wanted to host her 18th birthday party in a 1 bed apartment (550 sq ft) and wanted to invite 80 people…yes you read that right EIGHTY!..not sure how she was planning on fitting them all into the apartment! hahah

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I co-host for an entire property (UK) over the spring/summer seasons and almost 99% of bookings come through booking,com. Last year there was just one from TripAdvisor and two from airbnb.
It probably depends on what kind of property you have. The one I have is kind of old-school, it appeals more to older guests and is at the upper end of the market. In my experience, those type of guests wouldn’t even consider airbnb. That’s just my impression, though.

The only thing that is really annoying about BDC is the number of cancellations you get.

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Yup, that is an issue with BDC, lots of cancellations.

Where in the UK do you host?, and also do you take payments through booking.com, how do you deal with taking deposits?

My experience with booking.com has been that most of the future 3,6,9,12 month bookings com through there and much of the airbnb bookings are for the shorter term (3 months).

Not getting many cancellations from BDC although I find it annoying that they hold on to your money for 30 days. So for a booking a few months in advance they can hold on to funds for a 3 or more months in total.


@Flettie did you mean to post all your personal information here on the forum?

Many thanks KKC, and me an IT consultant lol

Erm no… Response was via email. Thanks for letting me know :+1:

LOL. Ok, well you edited it all off and then reposted again. I’d suggest not replying via email with all your info in the signature slotted in automatically.

Bugger!! ha ha - must stop editing on my phone :confounded:

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Have ditched TA and HA platforms - its the work of the devil trying to actually contacting these organisations. They all seem to hide behind Customer Relationship Management tools.

just floating on BDC and ABB for the moment, might try Houfy

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