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Using drone footage to promote our place

My husband and I are going to hire someone to make a promotional drone video for our new property in Costa Rica. Husband says he has heard, but is not sure, that Airbnb does not allow videos to have people in them. Is this correct?

The way to find out is to go to the Air web site and search Air Help for “videos”. I only checked one of the hits, which may be where your husband’s misunderstanding originated. It’s a violation of their content to share videos of anyone who hasn’t granted permission, or a property that hasn’t granted permission. If you use videos, it might be wise to get a written release of anyone in them. What I found:

How do I report a travel video that violates Airbnb’s Content or Copyright Policies?

If you think a video violates our Content Policy, send an email to airbnbtravelstories@airbnb.com.

Include a link to the video and explain why you’re reporting it. To help us investigate, choose from one of these options:

  • I did not grant permission to be featured in the video
  • I did not grant permission for my listing to be featured in the video
  • The video includes offensive or vulgar content

If you’re reporting the video for another reason, please provide an explanation in your email.

Thank you! That explains it!

How do we make videos part of the listing? Some past guests made a video of their vacation and gave us permission to post it, but I didn’t realize we could link it to our AirBnB account.

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