User testing: featured image

I made some new photos of my apartment and wanted to ask which photo do you like better and which one should I set as the main featured image. Needless to say, this image has huge impact on potential reservations so I want to do a but of user testing before I set one of them online. It is the same room just from different angle.

Photo A

Photo B:

the full listing can be seen here:

thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:

I actually like the second one better. The first one, the focus is on lots of tile flooring, while the second one has less of that. I think, however, you might do better overall focusing on one area at a time.

I stayed in Valencia just last year in the most disgusting flat I have ever rented. You are WAY underpriced if your $27 is really your price, but now I see that this is just a teaser price for the way off season. I would recommend that you add a personal profile as well.

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Looks amazing I want to go there…

By the way, I would add a photo of the view from the balcony.

Hi @dev22,

Really nice looking apartment. Just one minor suggestion - your photo captions are in Spanish (I think). Why not add them in English alongside? Maybe separated by a /.

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Haha thanks, feel free to book it. :smiley:

Good idea about the balcony, the view is actually quite nice, so I will try to add few photos from there as well.

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Thanks! Actually they were exactly like that, with Spanish + English before, but now I uploaded these new photos and made them only Spanish, I will add English ASAP.

I like photo A better. And I would consider some colour somewhere. (In the bedrooms maybe on the ceiling :wink:.)
But whatever you do: Raise your price ! It looks way too good for too little money. People will not trust the situation and won’t book. :sweat_smile:

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I am now set at €40 per night for 2 + €35 cleaning fee which seems kind of average for Valencia. In July August it goes up a bit for holiday season. The €25 shown is only low season price (winter). There is quite a lot of competition, so although I would of course love to earn more the competition keeps the price low, around €50 everything included seems to be the standard…

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The main reason I like B better is because of the washing out/brightness from the window. B looks warmer.

I like A better. B makes it look narrow or something. But really either one is fine, it’s a beautiful space.


Can I also suggest you add pops of colour it looks a little sterile and washed out. Flowers, plants, photos, prints, cushions, place settings, etc

I agree that from the photos it may look like that, but in the reality it’s way more colourful, it is just effect of increased brightness on these photos. I like white, clean apartments, that’s why I made this one simple too. But of course I could paint a wall or add something more colourful, thanks for the suggestion.

Ah… then retake the photos with better lighting :slight_smile:

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Photo A – looks wide and spacious with a nice open layout. Looks wonderful!

Wow! Awesome place. In photo B, the chairs look a little uncomfortable. Can you add seating pads to them? There are some interior designers here who suggest you pop with some color. That would be a good place to do it.

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Neither. I like your third picture (bedroom) best.

interesting point, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I agree with this :slight_smile:

seems to be really 50/50 so far :smiley:

I like A. My advice would be to choose whichever you like best since they’re both great photos.

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