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User ID not matching Guest ID, Air says deny then they re-request booking


Situation: guest using name AA. Requests to book. His name through Air and name BB registered are not even close. Guest has no ratings as a guest nor as host. Did not review house rules for booking.

What I did:

  1. Reported guest to air BnB, st sting inconsistency in ID
  2. Called Airbnb, they tell me to “deny” requestf. I tell them it will be used against me, that the matter of inconsistent ID needed to be investigated. Air rep says he will escalate to next level up and I will get an email response. No response received, and close to the 24 hour time to approve/decline. I decline guest. In decline, state to guest to reveiw Airbnb regulations/house rules re reservations.

Same guest sends request to book, again, 3 days later. He states he was denied and still wants to rent, and we can count on them leaving the place in order as he manages Airbnb properties in his area.

  1. I advise him his ID registered with air and legal ID are not the same. Also point out to guest that no listings are under his ID (no reviews).
  2. I call Airbnb again, and am told again to deny his request. I told Air rep this is 2 denials, will go against me, and our account will be suspended. Air says they will cancel the reservation. Air rep sends an email that tells me to report the ID,which I had already done 4 days prior, in order to block it. I am unable to block the user.
  3. The guest sends me another response stating he doesn’t know where he’s going wrong that he rented through Airbnb (he does not have any reviews). I respond back and tell him he needs to talk with Airbnb about the matter. He responds again stating that they found another place.
  4. I block the dates on my calendar just in case, but now will miss out on a future guest for the weekend.

Has anyone had this situation, and what can one do since Air has been unresponsive?
Thanks much!


If you click “report” and then click “something” else do you not get a “block this user” option?


No, because I had reported him initially several days ago, cannot re-report him, so have no access to do so.


So you missed your opportunity to block him I guess. It’s not intuitive and I didn’t realize the report button had a block function as well until another forum member pointed it out. I know I can unblock someone and I can undo a listing that I’ve reported. Can you un- report and re-report? Then block him on the second round of reporting.


I’m a bit confused by this. His profile ID didn’t match with his legal ID - I don’t know if I’m understanding properly because I never see the legal ID so how would I know? Is there some sort of warning?

Also this:

I use IB so don’t have the issue but I thought the official Airbnb line was that several declines over a period of time may cause suspension, not two.

Or this:

I thought it was a request and not a reservation.

Sorry if I’m being particularly dumb today but I don’t understand!


They were requests to book.
In regard to the declines, it adds up, and on road to super host, it says I am not meeting requirement with declines. Had two scammers in past two weeks that I declined, and I read on the forum where they will suspend you if you have five. I declined another guest in December when I googled her and saw her profile in the orange jumpsuit with larceny and drug charges. Reported her to Air, but she ended up staying somewhere else through Air.

In regard to different ID His name on Air is one name (for fake example, “Randy McHamster”). But his ID that came through with official request was totally different (“Buster Twinkie”). I am making these names up here, but the point is the two names on this were not even remotely close ( I.e. Michael vs Mike) and when I pointed it out to the guest, he made no attempt to advise why this difference existed. He lied about being a guest on air when he clearly had no reviews unless no one reviewed him.


I went back in a different way and was able to block him! Yay! Of course, he could get a family member to try and register…will keep dates blocked.


That is probably easiest, then again, he could change the dates of his trip if he’s just out to get you. You could unblock the dates and take extra care with any inquiries. At least now you know how to block for future reference.

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