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Used food/shower supplies


If I were to supply shampoo, conditioner etc and butter or other condiments in the fridge. Does anyone leave them for the next person (if in date) or would you take them and use them for yourself and supply new ones? I’m new to this and will be renting out a self contained flat


You will find Hosts here that do both, and even some that just throw it away, even if not expired or fully used. What you do is up to you and what you can afford.


I supply shampoo and conditioner in bulk so those stay through several guests/months. My cleaner usually takes out of the fridge what she wants, lots of spices and oils and such get left in the pantry.


I refill smaller shampoo and conditioner so they always look full when guests arrive. I used to keep salad dressing and condiments in the fridge but noticed that most people stopped using them after the halfway mark so I don’t supply any of that stuff. There are little packets of sugar that I refill and there are a few packets of instant oatmeal, someone also just left a rather large bag of rice which I’ll keep in the cupboard.


IMHO it’s best to buy bulk bathroom supplies like liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner. With kitchen condiments and such it’s best to buy individual packets of mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, salad dressings, etc. Look around your area for a restaurant supply store which will either carry such items to give an idea of where to find them.

Some things which get left I keep; some things I toss. A leftover slice of pizza becomes lunch, but I wouldn’t eat a sandwich that had been bitten into for example…


In a begining I always left condiments and salad dressings. But i had quite a few guests who complained that fridge was not cleaned for them. I told them the fridge is clean , it’s just condiments that you actually don’t have to buy. They threw away them anyway.
Now I even put in description to not throw them away and let me know and I will pick it up


I use a shampoo, conditioner and bath gel dispenser in the shower. When it runs low, I fill it up. I think it looks nicer than having partial bottles. I don’t provide condiments but if guests leave them, I toss them out (if it’s something I don’t use). I think leaving half empty bottles in the fridge might turn some guests off. They might see it as messy.


I will be leaving a note on the counter with a few things inc, contact number, etc and and also including ‘I have supplied you with a few items for your stay, please help yourself to all’. Something along those lines. That way they wont get thrown out
The fridge situation wont be extensive, no salad dressings.


I also have a wall dispenser in the shower. It has clear compartments, so I keep it full because it looks nicer that way. I offer a “light breakfast” so if there are things like butter, cream cheese, etc., I provide individual servings, thoughtfully presented. (For example, scoops of cream cheese, pats of butter.) I have some fancy glass reusable bottles the right sizes for cereal milk, juice, olive oil, balsamic, etc. that I label with a Sharpie and fill before placing in the refrigerator or cupboard. That way I can fill them from larger containers that I keep in my own fridge, and don’t have to worry about contamination, waste, or over-use, and they are always pretty, fresh and full for guests.


I provide individual shampoo/condition & body wash for my guests but frequently have guests leave large size shampoo/conditioner/body wash which I just leave on a shelf near the bathroom for others to use if the wish. Toothpaste, medications (such as cold medicine) I pitch if the packaging has been opened otherwise it goes on the shelf. Packages of razors, unused dental floss etc goes on the shelf also. Food products that are left such as canned items, unopened items (packages of oatmeal, packaged foods) are left for guest usage. If they are perishable items such as eggs, bacon etc I advise the new guests they are welcome to use them and if they don’t I pitch them by the expiration date. We are in an area where snow storms can come out of the blue and I would rather have the guests have something to eat rather than go hungry or endanger their lives by venturing out. I do not specifically provide the food but if it is left then I do it out of courtesy.

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