USA Sharing: 1 day sale 40% off smart locks

Sharing in case you need a smart lock

Home Depot’s daily internet purchase special is 40% off smart locks. 02/10/2020 Monday

Offer not available in stores. Discount available only via website purchase.


Yay thank you for the tip! Just at the right time for me.

Edit: Removing link that is dead because the sale is over.


IMO, it’s a bs promotion. The discount is off of list, not the implied “usual listed price”. These and many more are available for the same or less every day on Amazon.


@Jefferson The promotion is over anyway. You know the best way to prevent people from trying to be assistance or sharing information is to be insulting when they do.

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I am sorry for not being more clear and totally see how it would be easy to misconstrue what I wrote. My statement was directed solely at Home Depot for deceptive advertising.

You were graciously trying to share with the community. I humbly ask for your forgiveness, and ask that you understand my intent.

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