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Urgent. Please help. Cancellation related

A guest just shouted at me in front of another guest. I want to cancel her. This is the last night of 6 nights. If I cancel her now (she would be checking out tomorrow) , will she be able to leave me a review? I want to make it as smooth as possible,because she would be checking out from one room and checking in my other room tomorrow. If she cannot leave me a review I will cancel her for the current reservation and the one tomorrow.

Why were they shouting at you? :o

Long story, the woman disrespected my family the whole week. But now was the maximum I could stand. One of the cheap reservations again. She even kicked out another guest from another one room while I was out.

Call Airbnb…


Cancel her, call Airbnb and don’t discount. I also think 6 nights is a lot to have anyone in your home. I prefer short stays of 2-3 nights.


Don’t cancel as it may show up in your reviews “host cancelled day before check in” - that will really hurt your bookings.

Make her so uncomfortable that she wants to cancel. Put her in her place and tell her she will not be staying if she disrespects you and your family. Make her not want to leave her room. Raise all hell…it’s your house.


Make sure she is not recording or video taping you. Or try your best to be sure. Then if she claims you went crazy on her…just deny it all unless they have proof. Sometimes you just cannot play by the silly rules.


1am. The list for this crap person’s unbelievable behaviour is long. I won’t even begin to describe here. My husband is calling Airbnb now. We are on hold. He is voting to just play the stupid and stand for tomorrow night in the other room and then they are out. And we slam them in the review. I told him to call airbnn and I don’t want to see her again until check out.

See if you can quickly go through your house rules to tell Airbnb if she violated any. Then hopefully they will still pay you out.

DO NOT allow Airbnb to have you cancel her next reservation. Make sure you are not penalized. Tell Airbnb if they feel they need to cancel her, then you will be okay as long as you are paid out.

I just have zero tolerance for disrespectful people - and usually once they know you will not let up, then they will back down somewhat.

Not a nice situation to be in, I hope you are ok x

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Call Air and have them cancel her.

What happened, @Vera?

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