Updating pictures on Plus listing

Has anyone had an issue updating pictures to a Plus listing? We changed some furniture around and requested the plus photographer to retake photos (since they reject photos you provide even if taken from an actual photographer). It took several months for the reshoot to occur and then another month for the pics to go live on the listing. When the new pictures went live they left out all pics of the second bedroom. The pictures were taken but we’re left off accidentally (I suppose). We contacted Airbnb customer service three weeks ago and they sent the case information to the Plus team. To date the pics have not been added and it’s impossible to get an update from Airbnb. The number of inquiries for our listing has decreased since the new pics went live and it’s very frustrating because we are at at the mercy of Airbnb. How hard is it to update pictures of one listing? If anyone had or is experiencing these same issues please let me know how you handled the situation. I agree that Plus status has its benefits however the limits they place on modifying photos has been a nightmare from the beginning.


Multiple people have had this problem. Check prior threads for relevant posts


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You could simply revert to your original listing if your bookings have been affected, then you can also update your photos too. It should still be there for you to revert back.

As KCC says, loads of threads here about what rubbish the Plus Programme is.

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