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[Updated April 2020] Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts

Oh, that’s unfortunate. I would have thought it was fairly universal. (It’s more geranium than lavender) Let me know if you’re coming to the Old Schoolhouse in Wexford Ireland and I’ll leave it out! :slightly_smiling_face:



I would like to connect and ask you some questions about your service.

Sue Ellen, I am sorry I just now saw this.
Norwex products are much more dense so they pick up more. Interestingly they were designed for hospital use, to control surface germs.
They also last much longer, and I find that they do a much better job of polishing.

Over the years, we accrued a number of hacks to keep it clean.

  1. Paint everything white. It’s a quick fix, and it looks great.
  2. Spray 9. Then get the heck out and leave the windows open.
  3. Bleach. And more bleach.
  4. A dyson vac.
  5. When in doubt, windex.
  6. Brillo pads
  7. A dishwasher. Includes some interesting things.
  8. A power washer. You may never use it. But it’s great fun.
  9. Bed bug covers.
  10. Pine Sol. It Smells clean.

On a big turnaround day, I could literally walk 2.5 miles just cleaning. Truth is, I just got tired. Airbnb has shown me how to run an exceptionally clean house.

What I appreciate today are the little things. Someone unloads the dishwasher. Someone sweeps the floor. It’s the 5 percenters that keep me going.

I am a brand new host. I had my first guest just leave and I haven’t even gone to see how it is. However, I know i need some extra sheets. I like cotton sheets and am so afraid of sheets pilling or being really hot. I see that you have recommended these sheets. How long have you had them?

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