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[Updated April 2020] Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts

Lots of helpful suggestions in here. Thank you!

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We get stuff at Costco. And like buying from local crafts people … soaps, candles gift baskets with local jams and such. We buy hotel sheets and towels and other commercial hospitality items from VRSUPPLIES.ca

I use plain old fashioned eucalyptus oil, and guests remark how lovely it smells, asking what I use to clean. As do visitors into my main house in front. Good old eucalyptus oil and soap, simple!


This is wonderful except it makes me feel like such a slacker!


I use peppermint essential oil when mopping floor, keeps bugs away


No, I feel your pain. I am an almost organic gardener and use soap and neem oil for pests outdoors. But I cannot have a jillion ants in my rental kitchen.
But ants dont live indoors…something is attracting them…get rid of that, you bring a few in on a flower…peonies who just wander around and probably die and sometimes continuous heavy rain has them seek refuge.
They cannot survive indoors.

Spraying one spot on your foundation is not going to kill an ant colony, believe me. The few you spray die and then the line following them scatter.

What a great helpful site! I couldn’t find a putty pencil either, but I think a regular tube of painters putty would work. I think I can buy it in a relatively small tube that doesn’t need a putty gun. Then I could rub it in with my plastic glove on. I’ll try it and let you know. Becky

Goof Off! Great for those super stubborn black shoe streaks on hardwood floors and does not strip off the finish! A bit stinky when still wet, but works great! Here are other uses that the product info page lists:

Removes latex paint spills, adhesives and glues
Eradicates sticker residue, erases ink and marker
Great for caulk, asphalt and tar cleanups
Use on: adhesive, glue, asphalt, tar, caulk, dried latex paint
Use around garage, workshop and home
Use on baseboards, metal, glass, brick, wood, concrete, grout, varnished and oil-based painted surfaces
Also works on graffiti, gum, crayon, candle wax, bugs and tree sap
Works the first time, no need to reapply

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We use a nice website site Amenity Company They have everything we like to order all in one place.

Bought one–no assembly save inserting two metal posts into slots for the hamper portion. The Winsome brand was a few bucks more, so I went with Tangkula. Neither item is on Prime as of today (6/6/18) but mine came with free shipping and arrived in 6 days. Great quality and attractive, thanks OP for the heads up on this item! (and for all the other suggestions as well.)

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No problem! We love ours too :wink:

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Great post! Thank you!

I dug up the entire ant colony, put in a bucket & threw it out in the woods.

Are you a paid spokes person for Amazon? LOL! Tips are appreciated; I am a Prime member although the membership fee has increased, but what about eco-friendly products?

thanks for this. and no harsh chemicals!

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Actually, I believe he is a paid spokes person for Amazon… He probably should have added a disclaimer that the “following links are Amazon Affiliate links.”

I’m sorry, Ive just read that he does say this already in his posting rules message… “(The owner, @tom2 is using ads and links to affiliates in a pinned post to offset the cost of hosting the forum. It’s inappropriate and a violation of the TOS for others to try to piggyback onto his site.)”

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The thing about ants is that, if they are coming in, there is an accessible food source somewhere in your house. If you can keep your pantry items sealed tightly and promptly wipe up any spills, ants should not be a problem. It is for this reason, I offer guests storage space in a secure pantry and ask them not to store food in their rooms.
So far, this has worked for me …

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Are the Norwex microfiber cloths different from other microfiber cloths? They are surprisingly expensive so I am wondering if there is something special about them?

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I am eager to try many of these products.

Here is my list of favorite “weapons against dirt and dinge!”

Carbona Super White laundry sheets - I tried these on a whim and was stunned at how white they got even things I’d delegated to rags because they were so dingy. They REALLY work in any temperature. Amazon does sell them, but I got them for $4,29 pack at Shopper’s Food Warehouse Carbona Super White laundry sheets

Angry Orange - Should be called “Jubilant Orange!” It is advertised to eliminate pet odors and does that very well, but it also just makes the whole place smell fantastic. This little bottle is super concentrated and will last a very long time. Angry Orange!

Old English Scratch cover - comes in several shades and covers scratches on furniture or floors miraculously well. Old English scratch cover

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