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[Updated April 2020] Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts

Why is Tom paying for the forum out of his own pocket? Please explain, I really don’t understand.

When possible and pertinent I do offer, if not solutions, recommendations or suggestions of things we’ve found that have worked for our rental.

I commented on this post because I find 31 ads for Amazon a little excessive and it seemed as if it were a money making post. Does this mean that it’s alright to post items for sale here? I did not think that’s what the forum was about or that such commercialism was even allowed.

I don’t know why you dislike me nor why you jump on nearly every of my responses but I would think a moderator would be able to keep their dislike of participants OUT of the conversations and not be calling them names continually.

Are you stupid, or just trying to give the impression of?

How the feck do you think this forum exists, by the way of fairy dust…?

Nobody dislikes you personally, at least I don’t think so. Your posts however…


I ASKED for an explanation, but am not surprised I get more insults. I have no fecking idea how the forum is paid for! Donations, wealthy benefactor.

Enlighten me oh WISE ones!

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Donald, I’m not sure what you want to know or why you want to know or even if it’s any of your business. But if I’m right, you’ve been a member here for a while so you know the answers surely?

Tom owns and set up the forum. It has no affiliation whatsoever with Airbnb. As such, he is perfectly entitled to post affiliate links and host ads on the site. We members, on the other hand, do not.

That would be like a restaurant allowing guests to take in their own meals, right?

I’m sure that you’ve read the FAQ.

I have no idea how anyone could know that it’s Tom’s forum. I looked through the FAQ and see nothing about Tom. Maybe there’s some way of digging through all the (probably tens of thousands) posts and finding this information but it doesn’t seem that should be necessary. The post looked, to an ignorant jerk such as myself, as just a post to make money. Fine, now I know, it’s Tom’s forum and he can do what he wants. I also understand sometimes when you’re recommending a product it’s easiest to grab someone else’s listing of the product.

So, I apologize, I am just a stupid (JohnF), jerk (moderator KKC), and I guess a Grinch (also KKC) and it’s none of my business (moderator jaquo). But thank you for enlightening me.

And I would sincerely like to thank Tom for providing this forum. For the most part it has been informative and I’ve enjoyed sharing some of what we’ve learned with our STR experience. I have learned much. And had experiences I’ve not had on any other forum.

I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve called this forum the ‘Airbnb university’ in the past. When I first started using Airbnb I read every topic here. (There weren’t as many in those days of course) and it was invaluable.

As mods, we can see the site stats and it’s interesting to see how many hits this forum gets every day. I hope that between us all, we’re informing people and also learning ourselves as we go along.

@casitacresta I give credit to those who apologize and make amends so thank you for that.

I am guilty of (if you consider) posting links to Amazon because I use that site often; I post the links so if someone is interested in the product, it is more accessible and provides additional information (price, specs, reviews, etc). It’s your or anyone’s choice whether to use the Bezo’s machine or purchase elsewhere.

Since we’re on the theme of giving thanks; I also thank @tom2 and @Cyn for LITERALLY supporting this forum, and I also extend my thanks to each of the moderators @jaquo @bigappledude @KKC @LCL @RiverRock @georgiahost who volunteer to make it a useful library of information (both AirBnb, and not AirBnb related) while keeping the discourse open and professional.

:santa: :santa: :santa: . Merry Merry Merry . Happy Happy Happy . :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


I’ve had an Airbnb for two years. 95 guests so far. Two guests left the place pretty dirty but not horrible. I did have to clean out the hot tub for those two. But overall, my clients have been amazingly clean! We own a cabin Airbnb and I think you get better clientele with this type of rental. I can see if you have a home that is perfect for partying or you are located near a downtown you would get messier clientele. But I wouldn’t be scared if I were you.

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I can see anywhere to be able to make a new post - or message the mods direct. Hoping someone could help

We ask new members to wait a few days before posting. During that time reading existing threads on your question or topic to see if it’s been covered it advised. This is to prevent folks from joining the forum simply to promote their own product, idea, blog, etc.

I will send you a DM so you can let me know what you need further help with.

thanks -I’ve searched the forums and found nothing regarding my topic. Is it 3 days exactly? I don’t mind waiting as I signed up on Friday, just didn’t know there was a time limit, hadn’t see that on a forum before

It’s a common precaution with many forums.

It’s also one reason why you won’t see as much spam here as you’ll see on other forums.


MANY of the Amazon links are not “affiliate links” (easy to look at a link and tell if it is or not). If not affiliate link then only the Seller and Amazon profit.

This forum is what one would call a PRIVATE FORUM. It is owned by Tom. He he pays for the hosting and software (discourse forum) for this to be operational. Unlike “a simple web site” that can only cost $5-10 a month, Tom probably pays (guessing to some degree) at least $40 a month - can easily be $100 a month.

You get this great resource for free, and Tom would hope to at least make some money for creating and maintaining the site. So, if there are “some affiliate links” where he gets a minor slice of the action (and you pay exactly the same) for buying good stuff as a result - no one should object to that.

So, if you do buy something that is a proven solution through this site isn’t it fair (and costs you nothing) that Tom would get a minor % as a “Thank you, Tom”?

Make sense?

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What do hosts use for welcome guides, displays etc? Thank you!

Pretty Good List. In Canada, I have access to a cleaning product that my company purchases from www(dot)progodirect(dot)com called Bacoban. What I like about it is that it leaves a protective layer on surfaces that keeps killing germs up to 10 days.

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All great stuff! We also order from hotel suppliers. The dreaded clean! Lol

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