Update on my flood for anyone interested

Some of you may remember my flood disaster at Christmas so here is an update. After some argy bargy with my insurer, I have received a $6000 payout and the landlords agent is coming next week for me to discuss the maintenance issues. I’ll be making it clear I will not be taking legal action against them for the flood if they get xyz done. The property was vacant for 6 months before I moved in so they need me more than I need them right now so I will be making it clear my expectations about stuff that needs attention and stuff I am willing to slide so that I can keep running my ABB and being a good tenant for him paying my rent (which he has increased twice in 2 years) on time without fail, renovating his gardens and not having parties like my neighbours he rents to also.

My ABB is going great guns so I’ll be able to afford to buy a nice apartment in the CBD in 3 years and will be using the insurance $ for stuff I don’t need to replace to go skiing in Japan at the Club Med for Xmas and has a month off from ABB.

I also learned that I am more capable as a single woman than I give myself credit for having spent nights in torrential rain cleaning up mud and unclogging drains and gutters without my son to rely on who was os at an ABB. FYI, he didn’t even get sheets for 2 nights at one and said ‘you do too much for the guests, everyone just checked me in and left me for dead’. I explained this is why we get 5 star reviews and when I explained the money we make and how it will change our lives financially, he is now on board and helping for 2 hours cleaning at each change over and keeping the house spotless while guests are here.

So it’s a win win.

Japan here we come.


I’m glad the debacle had quite a hefty silver lining.

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Thanks for posting your update!

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