Update on missing (or buried) reviews by guests

There was some discussion in this forum a few weeks ago about recent reviews never appearing – either disappeared or (as it turns out) buried out of order deep down in the archive of reviews for the property in question. At the time: general frustration with unhelpful bafflegab from the Airbnb support desk.

I was one of the hosts plagued by recent reviews on one of my properties being “buried” between 2016 and 2017 reviews. I had my most recent seven months of reviews buried there, including three who said our property was the “best Airbnb [they] ever stayed in.” It was pretty frustrating that this kind of high praise was, in practical terms, buried so far back it might as well be disappeared.

Good news! I had held off complaining about this – based on reports from other hosts that contacting support was a waste of time. Today I phoned the “Superhost support” number and was pleasantly surprised (astonished is more like it) when the agent said “this is a known – but uncommon – bug. They should be able to fix it.”

Within hours it was totally fixed. They’ve now not only acknowledge this bug, they’ve actually figured it out. The phone call was totally worth the time. (The agent really knew his stuff, and it was a pretty quick call after just five minutes on hold.)

Credit where credit is due – Thanks Airbnb


Yes, sometimes you get pleasantly surprised by a rep who is knowledgable, efficient, and helpful. A few months ago I needed help understanding how to sign up for the tax site that Airbnb uses for Mexican listings, and how the taxes are charged and applied. I had several back and forth emails (not Airbnb messages) with a guy who walked me through it patiently and clearly. Aside from another rep who stepped in briefly on the other guy’s day off, misunderstood the issue (which seems to be the norm more often than not) and changed my Airbnb password, I was quite pleased with the communication, and made sure to let the rep know how much I appreciated his unusually helpful and informed service.

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