Unsafe Airbnb approval

So I recently signed up for an account on Airbnb for when I travel. In the section where it asks for me to upload front picture of my drivers license and also a picture of the back of it, I did the front picture but for the back I accidentally took another picture of the front of it and hit send. Scary to find out that Airbnb still approved it. Does that mean I could of sent a picture of anything and gotten my account approved?

Not sure. One to ask Airbnb I guess.

Where I am the back of the license is just boilerplate so I only send copies of the front with my photo and address. I guess in some countries the back may contain additional personal information so they ask people to send both in case but ignore it if not.

Back of mine says that I must wear glasses and only drive certain classes of vehicles.

Even scarier is that they allow guests with bad behavior to remain on the platform.


I doubt they pay attention at all until absolutely called on it


I created a completely fake Airbnb account using a Facebook account that I have had for years that it not me. Used fake name and got the account approved. That’s when I switched to asking all guests and visitors to provide government issued photo ids directly to me after they booked and that the booking person must have a photo of themselves on their account (after they are booked).

I have it in my rules that I need a copy of ID before check in and I collect 10% tax
I have never had an issue with a guest regarding the ID or tax.


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I’m going to have to start collecting tax in July. I don’t usually meet my guest and the special request can be a pain if the guest hasn’t fully paid but that’s the process I’m leaning toward with full disclosure when they book. How do you collect the taxes?

Air is the ONLY platform that does not do this for me, so I put in a resolution request when they book, then if they have not paid by check in I simply message them that as soon as they pay the tax and send a picture of ID I will give them the door code. Works every time. I am going to start meeting my guests for check in so I may adjust the way I go about it.


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So I know you are pretty experienced so you may already know this but guests almost never show up at the time they say. I got so tired of waiting my time, that I went to self-check in and good cameras. Much more blissful for me.

I have always had self check in, but my last “guests” showed up with 3 extra people, stole stuff then left me shitty reviews on both my google business pages and trip advisor when I withheld the security deposit (direct booking). They stole two flashlights, a jute Trader Joes bag and a extension cord, WTF, who takes a extension cord! So I am going to TRY and start meeting guest, the property is only a block away so I could just wait at home and drive over. Will see.


It doesn’t have to be a check in, you can stop by later. That’s a great thing about security cameras, you can see if they are there before driving over. I just think it’s harder to steal from someone you have met and looked in the eye. Unless you are a psychopath of course.

Agreed. I live below the suite and try to say hello when they arrive or are leaving one time to build the personal connection.

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In the 28 years I was a teacher I hardly ever had anything stolen. A picture was taken once when my room was used for a speech tournament. I suppose some pencils and pens went missing. My number was in the phone book, address too. My house was never egged, my car was never keyed, no prank calls. And now with Airbnb I’m being treated with similar respect. I really wish my outside what seems like the norm experiences had an explanation I could share with others.