Unlisted property bug

I’m not really sure where to ask this question. I was changing pictures for my property and just noticed that it was unlisted. I tried to change it, but it keeps to switch back to unlisted. Why is it happening and how do I list my property?

Many thanks in advance!

You could be in a place where Air has decided to simply delist hosts without explanation…New York? Barcelona? Berlin? SF? Santa Monica? Or you have multiple listings in a way that they discourage.

Once you are not a customer, they don’t see the need probably to provide you with expensive CS.

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Did any of the photos you recently uploaded have text in them? Bots are scanning host photos for text and numbers to make sure nobody is asking potential guests to contact them outside of ABB.

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The same thing happened tome when I replaced some pictures. I used Twitter @airbnbhelp and in a couple of hours it fixed itself.

My property is in Hanoi, and my pictures didn’t have any text.

I just checked my listing and it’s back online, and I have no idea what the problem was.

However, thanks everyone for the suggestions and help!